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Why Miranda Lambert Will Never Sing About PoliticsMiranda Lambert revealed she has no plans to ever get political in her music. Because of this, the singer doesn’t entirely understand comparisons drawn between her and Loretta Lynn. “It’s so divided [in politics], you can’t win anyway -- and what are you winning?” she told Billboard. Lambert explained she sees music as an escape from reality.
Lost Teddy Bear Found At Dallas Love FieldLike many young children, 4-year-old Luke Swofford has a favorite stuffed animal. But recently, "Teddy Bear" the teddy bear went missing at the Dallas Love Field Airport. When the family realized they left Teddy Bear near baggage claim, they immediately returned to try to find him, but he was gone. Thankfully a post the Swafford’s made online caught people's attention. So when an airport worker found the stuffed animal, they knew exactly who to contact.
Carson Daly Leaving Radio After 7 Years To Focus On FamilyCarson Daly revealed he is leaving 97.1 AMP Radio after more than seven years on the air. Daly said that, with all of his other responsibilities, something had to give. “This is the honest-to-God’s truth… I just want to have breakfast with my kids,” he said. Daly also expressed his gratitude toward the CBS team, saying they’ve been like “family” to him these past few years.
7/27/17 Hall Of Fame Expectations? - The Taz ShowAfter Mauro compared Velveteen Dream to Macho Man Randy Savage, Explains why this can be harmful to a young budding star! Check out the show 24/7 at
Fall In The U.S. Expected To Be Hotter Than UsualPeople who love "sweater weather" are going to have to wait this year. According to weather prediction experts, the U.S. is in for above average temperatures stretching into November. According to the Weather Channel, nearly every state will be sweating it out this autumn. “You can see that across the entire United States, including Alaska, there is more of a chance that temperatures will be above normal.” - Dan Collins, NOAA Climate Prediction Center By Halloween, the warmer weather will reportedly reach across the Midwest, Southwest, and Northeast. Meteorologists predict it won’t get significantly colder in November either. NOAA says the hotter forecast is all part of a trend of higher temperatures in the country. June 2017 was the third-hottest June on record.
TSA Will Now Require All Electronics Larger Than A Phone To Have Separate ScreeningsThe Transportation Security Administration just announced new airport screening policies. The TSA will now require “all electronics larger than a cell phone” to be placed in their own separate bin for X-ray screening. The TSA has been testing the new screening policies at 10 airports, and is now ready to expand them. The following electronics will now need to be separated: laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld game consoles. Those enrolled in the TSA’s Precheck program will not have to remove their electronics. The TSA notes that Precheck is now available at 200 airports nationwide, up from 180 at the start of the year.

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