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Boys Come To School Wearing Skirts Following Ban On ShortsEngland is going through a record-breaking heat wave right now. That’s why some students in Exeter - a city in Southwest England - are protesting their school's no shorts policy by donning skirts. The pupils from ISCA Academy in Exeter thought it was too hot to wear trousers all day and hoped to modify the dress code. The young scholars said the idea came from their teacher, who originally made the suggestion, although one student said he did not think she was being serious One boy, who helped organize the protest, said that there were 50 to 75 participants He also said wearing the black-and-white tartan skirt was "quite refreshing."
King B's Hot Seat Promo'King B's Hot Seat' With Billy Jenkins to air Sunday, July 2, leading into CBS Sports' coverage of the Quicken Loans National At TPC Avenel.
Which City Doesn't Use Their Vacation Days?As many Americans are taking time off from work to go on vacation, some cities in the U.S. are sticking with the motto, "all work and no play." According to Project: Time Off, Americans used 16.8 vacation days in 2016; increasing for the second straight year. Even with the rise, 54 percent of workers reportedly did not use all their time off. Which city takes the least time off from work? Washington, DC left the most time on the books last year with 64 percent of workers not using all their vacation. San Francisco finished in 2nd place, leaving nearly 13 million vacation days unused in 2016! Rounding out the Top 5 were Tampa, Los Angeles, and Boston. Who uses all of their time off? Workers in Pittsburgh used the highest number of their vacation days. Only 40 percent of people in the Steel City left time on the books last year.
'Batman' Arrests Shoplifter In Texas WalmartAn alleged shoplifter at a Texas Walmart had his crime spree cut short by the Dark Knight himself. Batman, who is actually Fort Worth Police officer Damon Cole, was dressed for his own charity event when the store alarm went off. The off-duty officer leaped into action and caught the suspect with four stolen DVDs. Ironically, one of the movies was reportedly the Lego Batman movie. The Fort Worth veteran, while in costume the entire time, wrote the shoplifter a ticket before continuing his event. The officer runs a nonprofit called Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer. Cole uses his time off to visit children's hospitals nationwide, each time in a different superhero outfit, with the mission of improving the lives of children in need. His goal is to visit children dealing with cancer and other illnesses in all 50 states and Canada. Cole says the shoplifter asked for a selfie, which the officer agreed to after he promised not to steal again.
6/22/17 Do Heels Cry? - The Taz ShowAfter Carmella was stripped of her MITB briefcase, she was attacked. Taz wonders if the they are making this Heel to sympathetic.
6/21/17 Jinder Mahal: What Are They Doing with the Champ? - The Taz ShowJinder Mahal wrestled Luke Harper on SDLive and Taz wonders with only MITB being 2 days removed should they have kept Jinder from wrestling. Is he losing his buzz?

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