4/21/17 Boxing Up: Pizza Toppings Off the Hooks - The Taz Show
With the week wrapping up, that means Pizza Toppings Off The Hooks is coming to an end. Taz fills us in on what makes NYC the Pizza mecca.
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Move Over Fidget Spinner, The Toothpick Crossbow Is Now Terrifying ParentsFidget spinners, the new popular toy with both kids and adults, have raised many alarms with safety experts. Now a new toy being sold in China is giving parents nightmares. It's called the toothpick crossbow. The miniature weapon reportedly fires little wooden spears that can punch through cardboard and even glass. The more dangerous aspect is that people have been filmed replacing the toothpicks with needles and nails. Making the crossbow able to shoot through stronger objects like metal cans. Terrified parents have taken to social media to call for a total ban of the toy. Police in the major Chinese city, Chengdu, have reportedly stopped sales of the product... after a 10-year-old boy was blinded in his right eye by the toy.
Need A Paperclip? Prada Will Sell You One For $185For everyone who's ever ran out of, or lost a paperclip, Prada has you covered. The high-end fashion company is selling a sterling silver paperclip for the low, low price of $185! According to the Barneys New York website, where the luxury office supply is being sold, the item is actually a novelty money clip. Social media users don't seem to appreciate the distinction and have been mocking the "paperclip's" sky-high price. If you can't afford to hold your cash in a $185 silver paperclip, Barneys New York has a couple $150 non-Prada versions you can clip your money with too.
Chael Sonnen InterviewBellator MMA fighter discusses his upcoming bout with Wanderlei Silva.
Boys Come To School Wearing Skirts Following Ban On ShortsEngland is going through a record-breaking heat wave right now. That’s why some students in Exeter - a city in Southwest England - are protesting their school's no shorts policy by donning skirts. The pupils from ISCA Academy in Exeter thought it was too hot to wear trousers all day and hoped to modify the dress code. The young scholars said the idea came from their teacher, who originally made the suggestion, although one student said he did not think she was being serious One boy, who helped organize the protest, said that there were 50 to 75 participants He also said wearing the black-and-white tartan skirt was "quite refreshing."
King B's Hot Seat Promo'King B's Hot Seat' With Billy Jenkins to air Sunday, July 2, leading into CBS Sports' coverage of the Quicken Loans National At TPC Avenel.
Which City Doesn't Use Their Vacation Days?As many Americans are taking time off from work to go on vacation, some cities in the U.S. are sticking with the motto, "all work and no play." According to Project: Time Off, Americans used 16.8 vacation days in 2016; increasing for the second straight year. Even with the rise, 54 percent of workers reportedly did not use all their time off. Which city takes the least time off from work? Washington, DC left the most time on the books last year with 64 percent of workers not using all their vacation. San Francisco finished in 2nd place, leaving nearly 13 million vacation days unused in 2016! Rounding out the Top 5 were Tampa, Los Angeles, and Boston. Who uses all of their time off? Workers in Pittsburgh used the highest number of their vacation days. Only 40 percent of people in the Steel City left time on the books last year.

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