Tailgate Fan: Belmont Stakes
Tailgate Fan: Belmont Stakes
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Study: Cats Really Do Care About Their HumansCats do care about their humans. Really. According to a new study, cats care about people even more than food. The study let cats choose between different stimuli like food, toys, or humans.In a surprising twist, the cats chose human interaction over food. Though food came in second. "Research is providing evidence of their socio-cognitive...abilities. Nonetheless, it is still common belief that cats are not especially sociable or trainable." The study defended cats, saying that the public perception is incorrect due to a "lack of knowledge." "This disconnect may be due to a lack of knowledge of what stimuli cats prefer and may be most motivated to work for." It's a big development for cat lovers, who can show this to their dog loving friends who may deride cats for a so-called lack of personality.
3/29/17 Is There an IC Champion? - The Taz ShowDean Ambrose and Baron Corbin are out to prove everyone wrong. Taz breaks down why the IC champion has been overlooked.
3/29/17 Why So Many Contracts? - The Taz ShowTaz explains the reason behind there being so many contract signings and what he likes and doesn't like about them.
3/29/17 Mixed Match 'Mania! - The Taz ShowMiz and Maryse again killed it with their Promo and so did John Cena. Taz breaks down why this match has the hype right now.
Turkeys Keep Hitting Cars and WindowsTurkeys are on the attack and windows are the victims. In New Hampshire a turkey smashed through a truck driver's windshield as he was riding on the highway. The turkey was still moving after the crash but by the time Wildlife Officials got there the 19 pound bird had died. In Indiana a 30-pound turkey impaled itself through the windshield of a New Jersey family's SUV. Then in Pennsylvania a speeding turkey broke through the Monroeville Library window. Well we don't have to prepare for a thanksgiving themed rendition of "The Birds" yet. It's just mating season. During their mating season, which happens around spring, the birds are often on the move which can lead to accidents. This can make them dangerous for motorists, so be sure to keep an eye out for our fowl friends.
3/29/17 - Part 4 - The Taz ShowTaz wraps up the show by questioning if there is an IC champion, the Wyatt & Orton rivalry heats up and more!

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