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Top 5 Callers: October 2ndThe Top 5 Sports Callers of the week is a weekly installment from CBS Local Sports that will bring you the wildest callers from across the nation.
WATCH: The Horns On This Bus Will Gore YouTexas tailgaters love their horns and they love their rides.
WATCH: Dancing Down 6th Street In AustinTexas and Oklahoma State fans party in Austin before the tailgate.
Fantasy Football Update: Week 4Watch as CBSSports.com fantasy football experts Ryan Bass, Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard tell you who to start and sit for Week 4.
John Lennon: "The Nose Was the Giveaway" (Radio.com Minimation)In this 1975 interview with WNEW-FM, John Lennon recalls the Beatles' first trip to the U.S., just as "Beatlemania" was exploding. He tried to sneak out in disguise, but usually to no avail; Lennon said that his distinctive nose was always a dead giveaway.
The Beastie Boys on Sasquatch and Other Enemies (Radio.com Minimation)In this 2007 interview, Mike D of the Beastie Boys explains the many enemies that the group had; they'd been kidnapped by Sasquatch, and their enemies had tried to take them out using poisoned meatballs and by hiding venomous worms in their food. All true!
Ozzy Osbourne's Letter to People MagazineIn this 1987 interview, Ozzy Osbourne recalls his horror when he saw John Lennon's killer on the cover of People magazine. He wrote a letter to the editor criticizing the move. Yoko Ono later thanked him for it.
Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman Contemplate Rolling Stones' Future (Radio.com Minimation)From the vaults of WNEW-FM 102.7 - New York's Rock' n Roll station, Radio.com presents an interview from 1977, where the Rolling Stones' rhythm section, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman, discuss the future of the band.
WATCH: THIS Is How You Grill A BurgerForget what you know. Tailgate Fan learns from Burger & Barrel's burger champion how to make the perfect tailgate hamburger.
Nils Lofgren on Joining the E Street Band (Radio.com Minimation)When Nils Lofgren first started playing with the E Street Band, he brought his trampoline with him, and took it to the state; he would do a flip while playing guitar. Needless to say, hijinks ensued.
Ozzy Osbourne: "I Believe in God" (Radio.com Minimation)In this 1992 interview, Ozzy Osbourne discusses what he thought, at the time, would be his final tour. Of course, he's toured consistently since then, not only on his own, but also with Black Sabbath. In this interview, he also discusses his views on religion: he believes in God, but he doesn't go to church.
John Lennon: "The Day I Met Paul" (Radio.com Minimation)In this 1975 interview, John Lennon recalls the day that he met Paul McCartney for the first time.
Ozzy Osbourne on Randy Rhoads (Radio.com Minimation)In this 1987 radio interview, Ozzy Osbourne says that he almost quit making music after his guitarist Randy Rhoads died in March of 1982. But then he realized, Randy would have wanted him to keep making music.
John Oates on the Bonnaroo Superjam (Radio.com Minimation)In 2013, John Oates of Hall and Oates and Jim James of My Morning Jacket collaborated at Bonnaroo's Superjam, inviting R. Kelly, Billy Idol and Larry Graham along for the fun. In this interview, he discuses how it all came together.