Would You Rather Watch The NFL Pro Bowl Or MacGyver Reruns?

Photo Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Robert Mora/Getty Images
  • The Show
    The NFL Pro Bowl features the league's elite players. While the game used to be the AFC vs. NFC, it is now set up as a fantasy draft, prompting memories of the last kid picked in gym class. Usually the punter.
    "MacGyver" was an adventure series about a secret agent using random things around the house to help save the world. Or at least get himself out of precarious situations. The series lasted for seven seasons and two TV movies.
  • Syndication
    The Pro Bowl is generally televised some time between the latest domino championships and the Sunday wrap-up newscast, but this year it will air in prime time.
    Sometimes, when the professional sports schedule is really slow, you can catch a few episodes of MacGyver. It's usually the pilot episode, "Partners" and a few episodes from seasons six and seven. And it will always be those same episodes, over and over again.
  • Problem-Solving
    Pro Bowl coaches get maybe two practice days with the team to figure out a game plan. Luckily, this game plan usually has some of the most elementary plays, like sweeps and fly routes, with the defense leaving a Cover 2 defense on the field to make it look like they're doing something.
    MacGyver once used a heating duct pipe, a beer keg, whiskey and matches to knock down a steel door. And he only needed a few minutes, not a few days.
  • Hair
    Clay Matthews has slowly but surely taken the mantle of "Hair Guy" from Troy Polamalu. It's not so much the style as how he tosses it back every time he's about to put on his helmet.
    Old-school MacGyver had a mullet. Checkmate, football players.
  • Jokes
    Hall of Fame-bound official Ed "Gunz" Hochuli once exclaimed that, "Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl."
    It's not just the audience. Other characters have joked, in an episode or two, about the fact that MacGuyver is grabbing random items to create makeshift devices that actually work. They call them, "MacGyverisms."
And it's a sweep! I would much rather watch "MacGyver" reruns than the Pro Bowl. Even knowing "MacGyver" lines by heart, I will still be more surprised by what happens than when the NFL's elite take the field. Chances are, you will, too.