Was Super Bowl XLIX Or Katy Perry’s Halftime Show More Exciting?

Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images
  • Performance
    As boring and painful as last year's Super Bowl was, Super Bowl XLIX more than made up for it. The game featured both big plays and big mistakes on both sides. The Patriots and Seahawks duked it out until the game's final seconds... both figuratively and literally.
    Once Katy Perry came out on a ginormous lion, you knew that this halftime show was going to be something. Whether that something was amazing or trippy is still up for debate.
  • Career Resurgence
    The Patriots did what they always seem to do with their running game: change it. This time the benefactor was last year's route-running halfback Shane Vereen. You know, that Patriots running back that you drafted to your fantasy team in the third round and ended up dropping on the waiver wire.
    Like so many other halftime featured acts, Lenny Kravitz seemed as ready to break out a reunion tour as he was to play that one guitar riff we all know. To his credit, he actually played something other than "Are You Gonna Go My Way."
  • Insane Plays
    Take your pick: one of Chris Matthews' first catches in the NFL; Julian Edelman's ankle-breaking moves; Jermaine Kearse's catch from on his back; Malcolm Butler's goal-line interception.
    Katy Perry flew around the stadium on a comet for the finale while the sky blew up for three minutes. A friggen comet!
  • Vindication
    After two weeks of Deflategate, the New England Patriots were able to tell us, "Shut it" in the best way possible: winning the Super Bowl.
    I haven't seen Missy Elliott in a while, but... wow. Just... wow. Thumbs up.
  • Reaction
    Patriots fans can sit back, relax and smile, knowing their team is once again the best. Fans of every other team can only hope that this was the grand finale of the Belichick/Brady Era.
    The television audience seemed to be split. Some think Katy Perry's halftime show was the best thing ever. Some think it was the worst thing ever. However, it must be said that just about everyone tuned in for it.
Once again, football wins out over music for me in entertainment as Super Bowl XLIX steamrolls the Katy Perry halftime show, 4-1. While the tape may seem one-sided, it should be noted that this is the first time I have even considered comparing the game to its halftime show, much less doing it.