More Shocking, Bill Belichick Not Aware Of Deflated Footballs Or Sun Setting In West?

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  • The Accusation
    It's not so much an accusation against Bill Belichick, as against the New England Patriots in general. Someone on that football team must have knowingly had or asked to have those footballs deflated below the league minimum of 12.5 psi. Considering Belichick's fondness of video cameras, it's hard to imagine something like this happening without his knowledge.
    The sun sets in the west. Every. Single. Day. Way to be original, sun.
  • The Facts
    NFL officials found that 11 of the 12 balls the New England Patriots played the AFC Championship with were under-inflated.
    Science has proved that if you stand in one place on earth, within 24 hours the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. If it doesn't, we're all in trouble.
  • The Proof
    The balls were measured during the game, and taken out of circulation. Now the NFL is in the midst of an investigation to find out why the Patriots' balls were so low.
    Just look up at the sky once in a while. And keep a compass handy so you know which direction is west.
  • The Science
    Bill Belichick has invoked the possibility of "climatic conditions" changing the inflation of the Patriots' footballs. Bill Nye the Science Guy has rejected that claim, stating that you need the inflation needle to release air.
    The earth spins in an eastern direction as it orbits the Sun. So as it spins, the sun recedes to the west.
  • The Outcome
    The NFL may fine Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, the entire New England Patriots or physics itself after its investigation. While we don't know the outcome, we do know that it probably won't happen until after the Super Bowl.
    While you were reading this, the sun has been making its may to an eventual setting in the west.
And it's a sweep! And not just because I was never very good at science! It seems that the setting of the sun is more shocking than Belichick claiming not to know what goes on with the equipment of the New England Patriots. Maybe it is the depth involved in science. Maybe it is because it is based on fact. Or maybe I really just don't believe Bill Belichick.