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Tom Lorenzo

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Wing Bowl 21 Preview

Wing Bowl 21… it’s legal now. Get the lowdown on the world’s most amazing and notorious eating competition.


Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut (Photo Credit: Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

Competitive Eating – Super Bowl Style

Here come the Super Bowl and Wing Bowl. So Tailgate Fan looks at Super Bowl-worthy eating feats. Better loosen your pants.


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Healthy Food Records In Competitive Eating

Competitive eating is not, in any way, a healthy sport. Though these “healthy” eating records could change your mind.


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Is ‘Picnic Style’ Competitive Eating The More Traditional Way To Compete?

Competitive eaters often dunk their food in water. But ‘Picnic Style’ eaters don’t think this would be allowed. What do you think?


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Fancy Food Records

Most food records are about stuffing large amounts of common food in your mouth. Here’s the fancy side of food records.


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The Calories Behind The Biggest Eating Records

Competitive eaters consume enough calories in a few minutes to last you a whole week. Find out the calories behind the records.


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Last-Minute Gifts For The Big Eater In Your Life

What’s that, you forgot to do your holiday shopping? Tailgate Fan has some great last-minute gift ideas for the big eater in your life.


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The Top Young, Up-And-Coming Eaters

Chestnut and Kobayashi won’t dominate forever. Check out the top up-and-comers in professional eating.


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Five Of The Most Ridiculous Food Records

Some eating records are impressive, and others are just plain outrageous. Here are 5 of the more ridiculous food records.


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All Things Wings

Wings and football go together like apple pie and baseball. Read up on one of the best tailgating (and sports-watching) foods around.