Top 10 Tailgating CrewsTailgating is a sport. It takes dedication to pull off a tailgate of epic proportions. And these tailgating crews know from experience.
Top 10 Vehicles Of TailgatingCool trucks or unique travel vans ain't got nothing on these. Check out some of the most badass tailgating vehicles on four wheels.
Top 10 Worst Tailgating SongsWhatever you do, do not play these 10 songs at your tailgate. Riots may or may not start as a result. You've been warned.
Top 10 Tailgating InjuriesCheering for your favorite team takes hard work and dedication, not to mention risk. Here are the 10 most common tailgating injuries. Be careful out there!
Top 10 Legends Of TailgatingTailgating is an art. Many try but few master it. Here are ten individuals who know how to party and have gained notoriety doing so. They are the legends.
Top 10 Best Tailgating SchoolsCollege football wouldn't be the same without a little pregame tailgate. Here are the 10 best tailgating schools worth checking out!
Top 10 Best Tailgating SongsSome songs are just made for tailgating... like these. Here's what program into your ipod for that next parking lot party.
Top 10 Best Tailgating Cities In The NFLEver wonder where the best cities to tailgate are? Well, wonder no more. Here are the 10 best tailgating cities in the NFL.
Top 10 College Tailgates Of The YearEvery tailgate has its moments. But here are the biggest and best college tailgates of the year. Now this is how you party!
Top 10 Tailgating “Don’ts”Don't be "that guy" when tailgating. Here are the top 10 "don'ts" to keep in mind at your next tailgate. You're welcome.
Top 10 Tips For First-Time TailgatersTailgating is serious business. Proper training (e.g. reading this article) will guarantee your first tailgate is an epic success.

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