5 Gross Eating CompetitionsEven for hefty cash prizes, these gross eating competitions just don't seem worth the reward.
How Competitive Eaters Got Their NicknamesCompetitive eaters show their prowess with well-chosen nicknames. Read up on the origin stories behind competitive eating nicknames.
Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: 2015 PredictionsWho will eat their way to hot dog glory on July 4 in Coney Island? We have a few thoughts on the matter.
Get To Know The Black WidowMeasuring 5'5" and 105 lbs., Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas is the fifth best competitive eater in the country.
Competitive Eating's Take On EasterWhat does Easter look like in the world of competitive eating world? Let’s take a look.
Slam Dunk Food CompetitionsGet out your wet wipes because these finger-licking food accomplishments will have your mouth watering.
Baseball Food And Competitive EatingWhet your baseball appetite with these home runs of competitive eating.
The Olympians Of Competitive EatingThese competitive eaters have eaten their way to the top of the rankings.
Female Competitive Eaters Belly up to the TableWomen like the Black Widow show they have the stomach for competitive eating.
Wing Bowl 21 PreviewWing Bowl 21... it's legal now. Get the lowdown on the world's most amazing and notorious eating competition.
Competitive Eating - Super Bowl StyleHere come the Super Bowl and Wing Bowl. So Tailgate Fan looks at Super Bowl-worthy eating feats. Better loosen your pants.
Fancy Food RecordsMost food records are about stuffing large amounts of common food in your mouth. Here's the fancy side of food records.

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