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Jerry Miller

Tailgate Fan Jerry Miller Jacksonville Jaguars

Tailgate Take: 20 Tailgating-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Need a Halloween costume? Let tailgating be your inspiration with these 20 tailgating-inspired Halloween costumes.

10 hours ago

Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan New England Patriots

Tailgate Take: Rainbow After The Storm

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan search for the tailgating pot of gold in a New England parking lot.


Tailgate Fan St. Louis Rams Jerry Miller

Tailgate Take: The Tornado Tailgate

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan tailgate in St. Louis, where the weather is more intimidating than the hometown Rams.


Tailgate Fan Washington Redskins Jerry Miller

Tailgate Take: So You Think You Can Eat?

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan get it done, even if that involves potato chips in a windstorm.


Tailgate Fan Indianapolis Colts Tailgate Fan

Tailgate Take: INDIANApolis JONES

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan tame a Colts tailgate, showing Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg a little something in the process.


Tailgate Fan Cleveland Browns Jerry Miller

Tailgate Take: Welcome To Believeland, Tailgate By The Lake

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan figure out how Cleveland Browns fans cope with being Cleveland Browns fan. (Hint: It’s the epic tailgating.)


Tailgate Fan Baltimore Ravens Jerry Miller

Tailgate Take: Singing In A Baltimore Parking Lot

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan take to the Baltimore parking lots to find the next big singing sensation.


Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan Seattle Seahawks

Tailgate Take: You Win Some And You Lose Some

Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan get loud (and weird) with Seattle Seahawks fans.


Tailgate Fan Jerry Miller Jacksonville Jaguars

Tailgate Fan 2014 Pro Show Schedule

Jerry Miller checks in from the best pro football tailgates. Here’s the Tailgate Fan video schedule for the 2014 season.


NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 9: A Tennessee Titans fan sits in the rain while waiting for the start of a preseason NFL game against the Green Bay Packers at LP Field on August 9, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

19 Ways To Pass Time While Waiting For NFL Opening Day

Just when you thought the NFL was back, it takes the weekend off. Here are 19 ways to pass the time while waiting for opening day.




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