WATCH: Hunka Hunka Burning MeatSo much delicious meat on the grill at the Florida-Georgia tailgate. And Jordan tries to eat it all.
WATCH: Jordan For Mayor Of RV CityCocktails, America, Gators and Bulldogs...the pregating heats up on the campaign trail.
WATCH: Dawgs And Gators Play NiceGeorgia and Florida fans... fierce rivals tailgate together at the World's Largest Cocktail Party.
WATCH: Bottoms Up And Anchor DownVandy probably won't win the football game, but they'll win the tailgate.
Choose Tailgate Fan's Cocktail Party Superfan of the Week!Florida and Georgia Superfans square off, and you decide. Who is the biggest SUPERFAN?
Video: Cocktails with Gators and BulldogsNick Stevens parties with Florida and Georgia fans at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
5 Reasons Why Tailgating Is a State of MindTailgating is all about food, friends and atmosphere. You can tailgate wherever, whenever.

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