Protein: Eating Like A LinemanFootball players pack in the protein to stay in playing shape. But what are the records?
Recipe: Whiskey Flank SteakThere are steak sandwiches, and then there's Chef Frank's whiskey flank steak sandwich.
Recipe: Grilled Skirt Steak Wraps with Cilantro Lime SauceSo much can happen between the grill and the plate. Try this grilled skirt steak wrap recipe.
Tailgate Recipe: Burgers with Cilantro Pesto MayonnaiseA little cilantro pesto mayo will do wonders for your hamburger. Here's the recipe.
Tailgate Recipe: Beef and Mango SkewersSo simple and delicious, beef and mango skewers should be the official food of tailgate land.
Tailgate Recipe: Flank Steak with Cilantro Garlic SauceTailgate Fan wakes up your tastebuds with a recipe for flank steak with cilantro garlic sauce. It's simpler than you might expect.
Tailgate Recipe: Pomegranate Beef Quesadillas with Mango SalsaTailgate Fan brings you a recipe for pomegranate beef quesadillas. Top them with mango salsa for a summery treat.
Tailgate Recipe: Grilled Beef Burger with Beet Horseradish SauceTailgate Fan adds a little kick to your picnic: burgers topped with beet horseradish sauce. We'll pause here to let you salivate.
Tailgate Recipe: Beef SatayThe offseason is the perfect time to work on your tailgating game. This beef satay recipe puts a new spin on the traditional.
Tailgate Recipe: Cheesy MeatballsAdd some cheesy goodness to your tailgate. Serve these meatballs as a finger food, and they'll be gone long before kickoff.
Tailgate Recipe: Beef ChiliThis delicious chili is perfect for those late-season game days when football really takes a backseat to tailgating. Check it out.
Tailgate Recipe: Hot Dog PizzaPizza and hot dogs wrapped into one savory creation? Enjoy this cheesy, meaty and breaded concoction at your next tailgate.

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