• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Manfred says:

    it’s really not a big deal .i own one lsmeyf. not for tailgating but for my tracker. the lake i fish has houses, snakes and chiggers. keeps me from getting arrested, biten and infested!

    1. Sames says:

      HAHA i like that you at least say my team are one of the teams to beat i like that i really do. But i dont know if its going to be a game well the Eagles do have the best young nofefse and let me remind you a Jackson that would kill any corner back and be wide open in the end zone ow yea.. my prediction is eagles 21-14

      1. Milagros says:

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      2. Mert says:

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    2. Anita says:

      you know what you guys are forgetting the pats D suck and if they dont show up tim tebow and the Broncos can win this game. booncrs won last wekk and i bet no one saw that comeing unless your a booncrs fans so anything can happen. hell look at the game now 49ers doing good over the saints

      1. JaNr says:

        Yep, great game. I hope the Red Sux can sweep the Yanks this series and next and relaly make them sweat. Meanwhile, we can take our 2nd division title in 3 years in the best division in baseball.Let’s just hope Longo is relaly not hurt that bad!

      2. Simo says:

        Sabi ni East Timor President Jose Ramos Horta (in one of the forums in AdDU), the Filipinos are the most brniilalt, enterprising and resourceful individuals. Kahit nga daw sa building ng United Nations, may mga Filipino secretaries na may sideline na RTW at kung anu-ano.

      3. Riya says:

        Teams that make the division round of the plofyafs can only sign as many unrestricted free agents as they had players lost to unrestricted free agency, and teams that make the conference round can only sign unrestricted free agents that were cut from another team.This will prevent successful teams from stacking up on free agents that want to get a ring and encourage teams to hold onto their core players and talent.I think that a cap is the best way to do it, but it won’t be another MLB situation if there isn’t a cap.

  2. Poonam says:

    Please show this special again. I feel sick that I didn’t know that it was on and msseid it. I was a heartbroken 14 year old Chiefs fan that Christmas Day and have not seen any replays of that longest game since then. If you will be airing this again please let me know.

    1. Abimael says:

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  3. Fani says:

    Your chart looks good. I think you may be giving AZ an extra win they wont get. NO team in this diivsion will reach double digit wins, but they will still have someone represent them in the playoffs.. Also didnt the rams upgrade at the WR position too? Not sure wuth who tho

    1. Magda says:

      Its all Good man. Good to be busy than searching for work! I know this CBA thing is crazy but they Need to get it done fast. Too Much at stake and too much time arelady past.

    2. Nathan says:

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    3. Yogi says:

      , No, I booked my fhilgt online and rode the plane. Oh and another one I also get is Do you still live in teepees. Which is wrong cuz I’m not a plains Indian that you see on those old black and white western videos but rather Navajo and our traditional home is the hogan. All in all, I agree with ya on your blog about your view of stereotypes. But sometimes, you find a person that embodies the stereotype and you can’t help but smile. And as for the Japanese one. I gotta do some research of my own to see if it is true. Haha. J/K.

  4. Samah says:

    Another cool variation! I think this is what you are okoling for.NFC EastHI Dallas Cowboys 27LO Philadelphia Eagles 17NFC WestHI San Francisco 49ers 24LO St Louis Rams 3NFC SouthHI Atlanta Falcons 30LO Carolina Panthers 17NFC NORTHHI Green Bay Packers 35LO Minnesota Vikings 14AFC EASTHI New England Patriots 31LO Miami Dolphins 13AFC WESTHI Oakland Raiders 24LO Oakland Raiders 24AFC SOUTHHI Jacksonville Jaguars 17LO Indianapolis Colts 14AFC NorthHI Pittsburgh Steelers 28LO Cleveland Browns 10

  5. Mohamed says:

    I’m with you, Killa. I would much rather play the St. Louis Lams at home; I’ve only seen 2 NFL games in my life, both were the Pack VS. The Lams in St. Lou. More Green Bay fans there both times. St. Louis’ last game was elbckad out due to poor fan support. PLUS..I live less than 2 hours from St. Louis .I’ll post directions to the tailgate if my scenario plays out!!!

    1. Ririn says:

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      1. Monica says:

        The Packers are not playing very inprised football at this time ! I’m still fuming over the Detroit game , they couldn’t have beat a high school team with the way that they played that game and then boneheaded McCarthy call a deep pass play on 4th and 1 instead of picking up the 1st down ! WHAT A MORON !!! Then you have the special team practically give the game to the Patriots on the 71 yard kick-off return , .hell they way they were trying to tackle they just should have let Connolly score the touchdown ! And their last drive before the final drive , they had the ball on New England’s 3 yard line and McCarthy’s only option , 2 plays at the heart of their defense , up the middle and a throw away ? Come On Now , McCarthy needs to go and bring in someone that has some offensive football intelligence please !!!

      2. Razoon says:

        You have to wait a few more weeks to really see what teams are going to be like this soasen. The Colts lost to the Texans, but they’ll still probably win the division with a record of 11-5 or better. The Redskins beat the Cowboys, but the Cowboys will still probably have a 10-6 record or better. The 49ers will be fine. They’ll go 9-7 and win the division. Seattle will go 5-11 and 6-10.You can’t judge a team’s whole soasen just off of week 1.

      3. Mandy says:

        leusch27There’s one reaosn and one reaosn only the NFL has more viewers than any other sport on a consistent basis: nearly every game is competitive. Why? The salary cap. Teams can’t buy their way to victory and therefore have to rely on strategy and coaching much much more. When the cap goes, the viewers won’t be far behind

    2. Supriya says:

      well nfl.com is highly based aruond sensationalism and they’re trying to make a story. The Vikings orginization and anyone who watches football knows that Joe Webb isn’t a long term answer, and Ponder will be a solid QB someday.

      1. Shafa says:

        Louis or something? I think not! I rlelay want to know what kinda deal Direct TV has with the NFL.. If you think about it.. With all the cable companies around the country.. You cant tell me that the NFL would not make more money.. letting other cable companies carry and sell the NFL network in its premium package.. I rlelay want to know what kinda deal they have in place.. to only be dealing with Direct TV.. Just my opinion.. Take care

      2. Savcili says:

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      3. Giannis says:

        No one you know… but someone who knew your date! October 20, 2011 I knew a carelss, actor William who fits your description perfectly. He was my neighbor in a boarding house almost a decade ago. He’s a piece of work. Consider yourself lucky, Kate!

      4. Kurniiaa says:

        must be fair to say that the french are iisviidualndtic, in a not-so-humble way. if you get past that character of them, i guess you can go along well with any other nationalities. (i don’t really buy the donation thing.)i am not fond of french people but the very few i like i really look up to. (uhm, like truffaut and godard and bazin, haha)

    3. Lariitta says:

      Wow, Mike, that’s cool about your son! Be sure to check out the in-game Help for him (available by clicking on Menu, then Help). There’s a ton of stuff there about foiamtrons, strategy, etc. Also, even I have to use the Scout button sometimes, when I’m struggling against a team, so I can find their weakest defender, etc.Oh, hey, be sure to check the Drives button at the end of a game. I should have included a one-time popup describing it. Personally, I think it’s really cool.Great question about the iPad! I’m definitely going to create an iPad version. In fact, I started, then got overwhelmed by trying to get the game itself done. It’s really nice being able to see so much more information on the iPad screen, though!I’m really glad you asked that. I’ll add that to my coming soon screen.I imagine I may give the whole interface a second look after this football season’s over. There’s a lot in the game, but there’s a challenge making all that information available in a friendly manner.

      1. Saloni says:

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      2. Dimitar says:

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    4. Rene says:

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    5. Vikram says:

      For all its worth, Andre is what one can now call a legend, which will qulfaiy him as someone I would like to meet at least once. Thanks to this blog post. LOL.

  6. Viviana says:

    Being a JETS fan, My “Tony Romo” is Tom Brady. I cannot stand that guy!I think you llecad my conference Wicked Witch! LOL! Let Brady be the mascot then! :)Can’t wait for Sundays to go back to normal….football all day!

    1. Elvisi says:

      you kind of forgot about a ROLB you need to draft high with ROLB cause u didnt even have one, you need to think more about what you are doing like dont resaele a starter like levy and dont draft a DT when you have williams, suh, fairley and hillard

      1. traetoclean says:

        Alternator AND doktarr:DVOA is NOT seihtomng I swear by. It’s just far more accurate. While Arizona was a massive upset, it’s pretty interesting that in DVOA it was the ONLY upset. And it’s worth noting that given any statistical set, you’ll have at least one upset. To have a 75% accuracy rate (or even 50% in the playoffs) is very, very good.I am not missing the point of Beatpaths. I’m reiterating it. You cannot wring much information out of very little data. There are certain areas where simplicity simply fails as a concept particularly if you’re relying on limited (and as I said) improper data sets. Winning in the NFL is NOT a variable it’s an outcome of other things (which are all accounted for in DVOA).That said, I’ve also pointed out there is a VALUE in Beatpaths IF certain other variables are accounted for, and at various times have suggested a few of those variables worth considering. Beatloops are a ridiculous concept. It’s quite possible for one team to beat a team it’s lost to already (and happens quite a bit within divisions) for a variety of reasons (home field advantage, improved defensive play, etc.). However, if all you do is look at wins, you’ll never see the reasons why one win or another in a beatloop is fluky or not. Take the ridiculous St. Louis beatloops this year with their wins over Washington and Dallas. Washington was fluky. Dallas was not Romo was out, and the team was clearly functioning poorly utilizing a washed-up, has-been QB. Certain adjustments can be made to accomodate for both these scenarios allowing to maintain the value of a Beatpath. You’re working with a small data set anyway, so making an subjective shift on a game here or there wouldn’t make a difference.In fact, in some ways it would probably add more to the credibility of the data set.My comments aren’t meant to undermine or belittle the overall concept of Beatpaths but to improve the value of the information. As it stands right now, Beatpaths is 2-6 in the playoffs. If it turns out to be right in each remaining game, then it’s 5-6 a LOUSY playoff performance.FWIW, DVOA is 5-3 at this point. Given the relative similarities in the 2 with regard to standings, DVOA will wind up with a better overall assessment regardless of the final outcome of the remaining 3 games.I have seen only 3 upsets in the post season. SD over Indy and Arizona in its two wins. While one could call Philly’s win an upset that would ignore the fact that Philly has had tremendously close games with the Giants historically, and had already beaten this team several weeks ago. At worst, the game should’ve been a pick em.I will reiterate I think Beatpaths has value, which is why I keep coming back. But it needs a bit of tinkering to improve its track record and predictive relevance .which ultimately is the goal of these types of exercises.I happen to like the basic concept, just not the construct.

      2. Alejandro says:

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      3. Kiki says:

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      4. Sukhu says:

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      5. Yuri says:

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    2. Kingsley says:

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      1. Jenny says:

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    3. Manuel says:

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      1. Ekha says:

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      2. Belinda says:

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    4. Zane says:

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    5. Nihat says:

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  7. låna 500 says:

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      1. Lili says:

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      2. Suresh says:

        finya October 25, 2011 Awts this is so nice I so love this.. nakaka realte ako.. I have a similar experience with my best friend since elementary.. hahaha we fought and we didn’t talk for two years (junior and senior year in HS).. I thought that’s the end of it.. but suddenly the latter part of senior year we are on speaking terms again as if nothing happened.. and luckily we are already enjoying 13 years of friendship and counting! Fighting is a test of friendship pag na overcome niyo yun you gain a friend for life. :p

      3. Asami says:

        I understand the jeemugdnt after looking at his Facebook page; I’m a person who believes that the company one keeps can be a major tell-tale sign of their own personality. Hunting pictures, now that’s definitely an individual preference. I’m an outdoors type myself, including hunting and fishing, so I would have been less jeemugdntal of bloody carcasses.

    2. Raul says:

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      1. Newdewy says:

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      2. Carlie says:

        Juan Gomez October 18, 2011 From now on, I’m gonna try and sum up Kate’s date experience in 5 words or less so you won’t have to read thgrouh all that stuff, kind of a condensed Cliff notes. This one is easy:William Ron Jeremy with horses Next!

      3. Deepak says:

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      4. Ciho says:

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