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  1. Tural says:

    I love this! To be honest, I have never been to a eprtost, but as long as it’s safe, I’m all for it. I LOVE how you told your five year old the truth, even the unhappy parts. This is great parenting as far as I’m concerned. .-= Janine s last blog .. =-.[]

  2. Kicau says:

    Wow what a great turn-out!I think its awesome that you took your girls to pteorst something you believe in and also explained it so eloquently. I’m sure even though they seemed more interested in their lunch it made a huge impact.I took my youngest to several animal rights pteorsts when she was very young- now she is 12 and she is very proud of pteorsting- that we were standing up for something. She is also very dedicated to animal rights issues, so i think it did make an impact even at a young age.[]

  3. Beatriz says:

    I’ve never been to Pittsburgh but it sounds sslsiciouupy similar to Glasgow, Scotland where I’m from. However, I have been to Denver and after three trips to that little isolated piece of rug all I could think was, What the-?! There is no “there” in Denver! It’s like a cold weather version of Los Angeles w/o the entertainment industry to keep things interesting. Virtually every person I spoke to there (and I spoke to quite a few) would follow up an introduction with “do you ski?” to which I’d reply yes, what the f- do you do the rest of the year? Horrible rental housing options, very little in the way of “culture” and a tiny insignificant art scene. In short, the town had no soul. At the last minute, we were saved from having to relocate there from NYC and when people ask I usually say, I’d have preferred to move to Pittsbugh!!

  4. Maggie May says:

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