• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Kouichi says:

    You say you are working your abs every night. An paoirtmnt part of working out is recovery. If you don’t let the muscles recover then you will break down. I’m no expert but at 15 you don’t want to overdo it. Overworking your body at such a young age can cause alot of problems later in life. If you are as keen as you sound find yourself a good personal trainer with appropriate quals and have them develop a training schedule for you.For your endurance go to a field and divide it into 20yd sections. Sprint 20, drop and do 10 pushups, sprint 20 drop and do 10 situps etc. When you reach the end have a slow jog back to the start and go again. This will do alot more than running on a machine. Again think about recovery time. Alternate your exercises so you work a different part of your body each day (e.g. upper body Monday, Legs Tuesday, endurance Wednesday etc.) This gives time for the muscles to recover and build.

    1. sulaiman says:

      Hey guys your comments are hilaoirus. Mignon, my crankiness seems to be rubbing off on you! have a grateful day, that’s a new one for me. I might use it tomorrow to see the looks I get. I have to admit, Becky, if I had chore-leaders, I might be better off and Dana, I can’t believe you Tivo football games. That might be illegal.

  2. Manabu says:

    I’ve been streaming live tv for a few years now, and I have to say that this site is by far and away THE best site on the net!! The lqauity is amazing, and for $5 a month, how can you beat that? The creator of this site is also very co-operative when requesting my game that day! Great work and I have already convinced a few people to join (on the WWE events alone!)

    1. Patricia says:

      in the beginning that he gonna be payralzed now he starting to move limbs. It sucks that his career is over but maybe something like this can give perspective to other players. The next play could be their last.

  3. Rabbie says:

    World Order ..The problem witth not snieeg niners-raiders game .CBS has the rights at 4pm.The schedulemkaers the idiots they are decided to have an early San Diego road game which means LA and parts South are required to pick up the game. I noticed this with the schedule when it was released and wondered what were they smokingThe Raiders-Niners, Cowboys-Texans, and Chiefs-Rams should have been featured games either on national TV either at 4:15, on NFLN, ESPN, or NBC.the schedule makers put these games on during nondoubleheader weekends on the network that has them.The week the niners-Riaders were playing was a week when the Chargers should have had their bye or been on national TV all of california would want to see that game.Those are special rivalry games that only happen once every 4 years.For certain next years Jets-Giants will be on national tv.

  4. Mohamed says:

    i remember a colpue of weeks ago they said that the chargers game this weekend against the cards still had 11k tickets left, id be surprised if they have managed to sell that out so be on the lookout for the chargers game to be blacked out locally AGAIN.

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