• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Rhamon says:

    OaklandOakland will get only 2 games which means it will likely lose the early CBS game.Monterey and Sacremento are the nedoscary markets that need to flip to indy @ philly.@ALLBoth networks feature who they think are going to be good teams for interconference matchups. With scheduling FOX/CBS will not lose both.Love them or hate them Dallas is popular which is why CBS used the Titans game there as their 4:15 feature same for the Jaguars game last week because its Dallas.They also know Washington, Philadelphia, and New York are also large cities with teams that do have fans around the country so if those teams are potentially good going into the season they will festure those games and make sure they have one.Another example Indy @ Washington was on national tv so Houston @ washington early was a 4:15 game.Remember these schedules were set up in April based on what how teams did last season. With the schedule makers they usally have an interconference 4:15 game along with a west divisional rivalary game at 4:15.

    1. Yoggys says:

      Apparetly ya all in AK & HI can’t read or don’t pay attn.Go surfing or climb a gcliaer cuz all your getting late is never expected both teams being 1-3 going into this showdown .Had the ticket last wk so it wasn’t that bad but this wk is horrible.Maybe it’s just a coincidence but when FOX has the DH I look for a marathon of something on History ch anything actually.

    2. Varun says:

      I forgot about the clgoele student in LA. Shot two classmates, then herself. Was that this morning?How might that be done?We’re pretty creative people. How would you do it?I was driving through Macon the other day and there’s this big new-type electronic outdoor sign, Use a gun to commit a crime, you’ll do serious time. Serious time was bold and flashing enough to cause a seizure to hapless passer-bys.I wondered what that’s all about, but then I remembered that we had more people jailed in the US, The Home of the Free, than China did, and they have five times as many people and are seriously abusive to their citizens.The 80/20 rule applies to gun ownership, and 20% of the consumers, own 80% of the guns (or some such number). George W, previously made light of a dress code in Louisiana dealing with sagging pants, and frankly, I don’t agree with him on that, although I agree with much he says. Why? Because it’s a matter of mental maturity, and although you can’t legislate it sometimes, you can regulate it. Guns owners and users need mental maturity as well.1. I’d restrict the carrying of loaded weapons outside of ranges; homes, and hunting areas. You’re no match for SWAT or the US military. If you think you are, see the section above re: mental maturity.2. I’d require gun safety classes and tests every 3 years in order to keep a gun. And not something real simple either, but including provisions that you had to understand legal ramifications and legal code. SAT style testing.3. Guns should be protected and safeguarded or taken away from sloppy people.4. Guns should be subject to law enforcement inspections. They can send you a card, and you can take it wherever so they can check it out and see that you still have it.5. Gun owners should be taxed heavily during the registration phase. If you can’t afford the tax, your focus should probably be elsewhere.6. Guns should be tracked throughout their lifecycle. Birth through grave.7. Fingerprint activation? Technology is our friend a gun should be used only by the registered owner.And no, I don’t believe that if you regulate heavily, only criminals would have ready access to guns. We have tens of thousands of gunshot deaths each year. Other countries that regulate heavily have 100s and their criminals aren’t running rampant. The opposite, actually.I suspect that for many Americans the gun is an extension of their manhood/identity. That’s pretty poor for 21st century people. I had a friend in the military and he said they locked up the guns and kept them under strict control until it was necessary to use them. Supposedly they’d know a thing or two about the consequences of everyone carrying guns during daily tasks.

  2. Putra says:

    each team has 4 tries to get the ball 10 yards. if they get at least 10 yards they get a 1st down and they get 4 more tries. usually if they dont get it whiitn 3 tries, they will punt the ball, basically kicking it and turning it over to the other team so the ball is further away from their end zone. or, they will kick a field goal for 3 pts if they are close enough. but, sometimes they will use the 4th down if they are only inches away from making a 1st down or if it is late in the game and they are losing.ps-whos your football team? im going to assume it will be the cowboys or pats

  3. Edmond says:

    You have 4 tries called downs to gain 10 yards. lets say a Q.B. hands off the ball to his unrning back and the unrning back gets 5 yards, now you have 2nd down and 5, meaning your on your 2nd chance out of 4 to get 5 yards, if you do, it becomes 1st and 10 again. hope this helps

    1. Hatice says:

      Good exp DJP may I ad that if the Raiders were 6-1 instead 2-7 all the time then a Youngstown OH sec maekrt for BOTH PGH & CLV deal could be struck between SD & OAK.Say OAK road gms have to be shown but SD home gms have to be shown so it can be a hedge your bet kind of sit.in case 1 of them sux real bad.That’s the crux of it,either could suck at any given moment lvng the 2nd biggest maekrt with NO fans.

  4. Philip says:

    I have always lived in Texas, bucseae this is where Mom and Pop finally settled down. Pop was from New Orleans and Mom was from Belle City La. I learned the cajun way when I was very young. We caught crawfish, bullfrogs, fish, and killed plenty ducks. We never wasted anything always putting back for leaner time. When I see Troy and his family it makes me very proud of my heritage. I never did hunt The Haligater as my dad used to say, he sounded alot like Troy, as there was not very many of them back then due to overhunting and no regulations. Keep it going Landrys’ Le bon ton roulet !!!!!

  5. Akil says:

    i lived in new york all my life but after wacthing troy on swamp oplepe he change my heart and life forever all i can think about is becoming a true hard working family man and i cant express my heart enough to that wonderful man that i saw on tv he made me realize how inportant iam to my wife and kids thank you troy landry we need great oplepe like you and your wonderful family thank u again your truly rob from kingscounty tattoos i wish i can fish gators oneday with you and your family

  6. Rasada says:

    The Jeep TJ has a 3 inch body lift on it. No suspension lift. The tires are 33 12.50. The wlehes are 15 10. It is not my Jeep, but that should be whats on the Jeep. I have built a LOT of Jeeps over the years. LOL Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for taking the time to check out 509 Media.-Dan

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