• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Daiana says:

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    1. Peter says:

      See you again after you’re well rested. A nap is alawys good. I had mine a while ago, but only for a few minutes, because my son had to ask me to do something and I couldn’t get back to sleep, lol.

    2. Micth says:

      Sadly, it gets worse from there CBS allegedly has helepd FOTF write the script. At the root is that the Tebow tale is pure fiction exploiting sentimentality by misrepresentation of fact. Abortion was illegal in the Phillipines at the time she was pregnant with Timmay and it was illegal for an OBGYN to advise any female patient about abortion let alone advise her to have one. She never made any choice at all. Purely gross propaganda playing on people’s sentimentality. The added insult is CBS’ apparent violation of it’s stated policy, and according to some, if they air the FOTF/Tebow agit-prop, a violation of FCC rules. Come Monday a.m. there’d better be as many complaints to the FCC about CBS’ propaganda action as are on the petition or our protest isn’t worth the electrons. Legal action and pressure MUST be applied against CBS or this is going to get far far worse.Planned Parenthood has a nice counter ad which of course CBS would presumably decline to air (I don’t know if PP tried or not). No need for balance when the corporate person’s all one wing, right?I’ll be officiating football (soccer) games Sunday as I have zero interest in pointy-ball. I’ve avoided the misfortune of watching large males standing about for two hours interspersed with merely ten seconds of a violent set-piece. Complete waste of space time and energy for not much of a game, IMHO. I plan to spend my Sunday evening trying not to let my son plunder all my pirate ships in a few hands of Loot.

    3. Omidkhan says:

      Eventually we may have models to surppot this episodic ecosystem, but I don’t know if the numbers add up just yet. I think the strength of Rein’s argument is highlighting that episodic gaming isn’t necessarily cheaper or easier to sell than full packaged titles. It may not be the independent game developer boom many are hoping for.If we’re talking about episodes for hard-core games, you’ll either have a few mass-marketed titles or more niche titles selling on word of mouth and brand-recognition. Mass marketing will more likely be reserved for established titles, whose brand recognition might be better off focused on annual complete products to get the largest price tag. Niche titles might sell off word of mouth, but that’s still risky as there are few proven methods to generate it we’ve all seen the figures suggesting no link between game review scores and actual sales.If you’re talking about episodic games for the casual masses, then you need to make it easy and centralized. Casual gamers don’t want to explore a jungle for their episodes. Just look at how mobile games are suffering because they rely on unorganized virtual stores. And once a centralized network wins an audience to sell these titles, margins are going to get hit hard by an aggregator and once again you’re losing a portion of sales to a controlling “retailer”. Perhaps this creates an opportunity for a publisher to act as an aggregator?For a developer, where’s the added value of removing the retailer and selling less for less (although you hopefully can develop for much less as well)? You lose your distribution model, lose an established point of contact with your customer, and lose a higher price tag. In exchange, you have to find a new way to distribute without hitting margins, and have to find another way to get the attention of prospective customers. Some can do it, and with a name and audience that Half Life has, it may be easy. But for a little guy, one might be better off with the status quo. At the same time, as you hinted, episodic gaming could be great for new types of games and new players. Bundling a first episode with other products (in other industries as well) could be a great way to create a strong unique audience. Episodic games with free user-generated content could create a compelling user community that could step over the marketing of the industry titans of today. In the end, maybe it all depends how you attack it.

    4. Debbie says:

      I was trying to find a game to play with a clinet who has dementia and ran across this in an article. After I bought it I tested it out with my kids (25, 24, 19 and 11) and myself (47). We had so much fun!! It is one of those games that can be played at different levels. We started getting quite inventive on where and when to play to maximize our points and block our opponents. I then played with my clinet. She and I did not keep score. We just made the chains with either shapes or colors and added wherever she first recognized a play. No trying to strategize where to build for future etc. We also played with both of our tiles up so we could talk about the best places to play. She likes this game and actually remembers having played before and wants to play again. The rules’ have to be re-learned but the fun remains. For one more note, we had a group of my daughters friends over and four of us played Quirkle. They were all 19 22. That got pretty cutthroat They all want to play again. I HIGHLY recommend this game. I think I’m going to buy a 2nd one so more than 4 can play together (We played with 5 first night and it does work too).

  2. Akshay says:

    Your blog posts are so full of wonderful oaformntiin!! My toddlers are going through a picky stage and I’m trying my best to not make a big deal out of it b/c I’m hoping it’s just a phase!!I don’t see a follow button on your blog. I did subscribe to your feed though.

    1. Tariyah says:

      I felt the same way when an ice storm hit my home in central North Carolina about seven years ago. I was whuiott power for THREE weeks (as were thousands of my neighbors) in the dead of winter, and well, the news people didn’t care, didn’t care at all. You would think they would have at least come out to the country to see why every man, woman, and child was running a chain saw for days on end!

      1. Fernanda says:

        How old is your grandson? My attusiic son is almost twenty-one and was a Denver Bronco fan until he got older. Perhaps he just wanted to fit in. I am an ex-football fan. Money destroyed the game for me. Professional athletes used to be middle class. I realized the game was just one corporation competing against another corporation. What if they played the Super Bowl and nobody watched? That would change the world.Nancy, I DO watch TV. I like classic movies on Turner Classic Movies and must confess I watch Desperate Housewives on Lifetime.

      2. Norman says:

        I’m a die-hard Steelers fan from NJ too. I went to the Steelers @ Giants game 3 years ago and it was a phenomenal game. Hard to say you sdohlun’t go to the Chargers, Colts or Cowboys games tho. Flip a coin dude it’s the Steelers that’s all that matters. Wait and see if any of them are a nationally televised night game. Those are always great.

      3. Ryaan says:

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    2. Raghunath says:

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  3. Anyii says:

    I love your site and this post! I just subscribed (from Mom Bloggers club) and I look farword to reading more! I planned to nurse my baby until a year but now that he is 10 months, I can definitely see going longer!

    1. Avinash says:

      How the TV games are set up:The primary mekrat is tied to their team’s road and home sell outs. If the home team is playing on national TV (NFL Network, NBC, ESPN, or thanksgiving games) they will get 3 games on Sunday afternoon. Seeing their home team play is still subject to the 72 hr blackout rule.If the home team is playing on the road that mekrat will get three games. The secondary mekrats must televise the road games. Its not required for these mekrats, but many of them do….The opposite network of the home team – FOX (AFC teams) or CBS (NFC teams) -will air a game in a different time slot to maximize their ratings. The only way they air a game in direct competition is when they have to because the home team is not on the doubleheader network for that week or there is one of those must see games for the week. For example this past week in DC since Washington played on the road at Detroit and CBS had only one game, the CBS affiliate opted to take the late game.Under the rules If the home games sell out it is shown exclusively. The one exception is week one because CBS has just 1 game due to the 4pm Mens Tennis final at the US Open.The secondary mekrats, of which the home teams can claim, must show road games. They do not have to show home game sell outs BUT they can not show home games theat did not sell out.The primary mekrats when their team plays at home will get only 2 games…one on each network (CBS. FOX) and one in each slot (1 pm, 4pm).The only way the primary mekrat will get an additional third game is when:1.The home game is a sell out in time thus it is shown exclusively with no competition (outside of week 1).2.The network with the TV rights (which is the visiting team) also must have a double header that weekend. For example last week Jacksonville @ Dallas on CBS…FOX had the doubleheader so even though #1 is true…#2 wasn’t (FOX had the doubleheader) ….In Boston since Minnesota @ New England was a sell out AND FOX had the doubleheader…Boston got 3 games because FOX had the doubleheader.Next week….HOW ARE THE GAMES DECIDED IN AIRING ON TV.First the networks suggest to their affiliates what game they feel would get the best ratings in that area. Higher ratings mean more revenue from advertisers…both for the network and for the local TV mekrat for their ad slots in games.But the network HQ in New York and Los Angles live in bubbles so they don’t seem to realize who want to see hwat games.The local affiliate if they are not tied to a team as a primary or secondary mekrat are free to choose which games they want to air because of local interest in a game. For example this year Oklahoma City has picked up many of the St Louis games because of the local boy Sam Bradford who grew up there and played for Oklahoma who now played for St Louis.Austin picked up a Cleveland game (Colt McCoy) and Redding CBS affiliate picked the only game they could carry of hometown boy Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers when they hosted Buffalo. I also will not be surprised if the FOX or CBS affiliates in Buffalo and Syracuse opts to pick up a Tampa Bay game this season because of rookie WR Mike Williams who played for Syracuse and who grew up in Buffalo.There are what I would call tertiary mekrats…mekrat that tend to air all games of a nearby team but they aren’t governed by sell outs. Some examples:Seattle: Spokane, Yakima, Tri-cities, Portland.San Fran/Oakland: Redding, Reno, Fresno, Santa BarbaraDenver: Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Grand Junction, Cheyenne, Casper.San Diego/Arizona: Yuma, AZDetroit: Grand Rapids, Traverse City, MarquetteBuffalo: Elmira, Binghamton, WatertownNew England: All mekrats not primary or secondary in New England.Atlanta/Tennessee: Chattanooga

      1. Monica says:

        Sorry that I did not see this sooner, Jim. My gsrodann is 20 and still sports-obsessed. Many Autistics have obsession; for my gsrodann it’s sports. My little buddy loves to game online with his Wii, and if it’s not a sports game it’s Rock Band or Guitar Hero. We watched the game, and of course he was ecstaic over the Saints’ win. We did our traditional high-10-low-10-hip-bump of victory for his team. I hope that this win helps NOLA get the additional attention that it still needs. As for what destroys a game, the emphasis on specialization has destroyed the enjoyment that I used to have. I am old enough to remember when players had to be able to multitask: play more than just one position, play both offense and defence, etc. One just doesn’t see the verssatility in the players anymore (sigh). My mother was a football fan all her life, and she hated the influx of specialization in the professional sport but continued to watch college ball until her death. I enjoy our local high school games. I have seen more heart and determination on the local high school fields in one game than in an entire NFL season. We watched our local working-class school underdog team hold off the better-rated opposing school with a goal line stand through 3 plays that changed the momentum of the game. We saw our boys defeat a school from a more high rent’ area at their homecoming; it was sheer bliss. My gsrodann’s English teacher that year was also the coach for the JV cheer squad, and all of the girls were so sweet to him. When I was in high school, the cheerleaders did not sit in the cafeteria with the special ed kids or the odd’ kids, but those girls made my gsrodann feel that he was just as good, just as worthy as anyone else in ways that I never could and for which I will always be grateful. It may explain why he is still sports-obsessed and why football remains a favorite. When you are different’, you never forget the first popular person/people who treat you well or the things that you associate with them. And fortuneately the FotF ad was s close to innocuous as it could get, so that was not a major issue at least. I agree with Nancy: if many of us hadn’t pitched a major fit, I do believe that the ad would have been much more blatant in its anti-choice agenda.

      2. Adailton says:

        Ok, all flaming aside on the beer conemmt I honestly think the beer distracts from the game sometimes. Heck, I know i’ve missed runs/innings because the beer goggles came on. And yes at the Muni i’m getting tired of the thirsty thursday 20-something crowd that pays their cover charge via general admission ticket and then sits in the beer garden and gets whacked by foul balls. LOLThe purist baseball fan would appreciate the instructional league. The fan that goes to the Muni or the Pfitz as entertainment would leave instructs after 2 outs. If you don’t love the game and purely the game, you won’t like instructs. It was like watching a high school game but with some amazing players. I almost likened it to the field of dreams movie. As for Harper, I wanted to try to get video, but all I had was my iphone. Thank my wonderful teenager for that one (insert curse words here). What my eyes saw was a hitter starting to get in a grove. Some at bats he was out on the front foot (i.e. that first snippit of video clip of his first at bats), but i’d say at least 75% or more he was swinging confidently and from the back foot. And that home run was major league material. It’s amazing to me to see a child of 17 posess the skills and moxie he does. He doesn’t act/look/play like 17 at all. I am not sure if he needs more coaching or guidance at this point, and I don’t know if i’d even call it raw talent. I think the Nats and the farm system are in for a real treat for a bunch of years to come.Harpers fielding was steady, played good backup to whoever was playing center (platoon of Oduber and Perez mostly) and seemed comfortable. He was always in the right position, even backing up first one time on a ground ball.Adrian Sanchez made some super plays, and played 7+ innings of both games I saw and was relieved by Blake Kelso, who also played ok.***Forgot to type this: ~~possible rumor mill info here~~Straight from a coaches mouth: all outfield from Hagerstown is going to Potomac, plus a vast majority of the infield, incuding Bloxom. Most likely Tarasco is going to Potomac, possible LeCroy going back to Hagerstown (unsure) hagerstown team will be almost brand new players from GCL and Vermont (Albany).Harper: spot is still open for his involvement in the AFL. If he goes and does well, the scuttlebutt was he would start in Potomac and not Hagerstown. Again, rumor mill behind the home plate high school bleachers chat here. But I found it quite compelling and plausible.

      3. Jomar says:

        agree about skyrim. i am now a level 17 mage- have not rlleay done a thing on the main quest, or the dragonborn angle. Just screwing around with the mage college magus quest (been hell to finish- might be a little under powered at this point to attempt what i did. hint- SAVE OFTEN) felt like a game unto itself and i mean that in a good way. i’ve alreay gone over 35 hours and i can’t imagine a way i won’t log 150+ on this bitch. a little buggy, but that is nitpicking. fing epic game.

  4. Ira says:

    Great action nscees but the plot is lacking substance like most action films these days. I still enjoyed it though and so did my 5 year old! Cheers~

    1. Lulyn says:

      That was a GREAT peice done on 60 minutes about holeemss families.I am a volunteer director at a Food Pantry in Troy, NY and when I watched your video on Hard Times Generation about the children who are holeemss/hungry in Florida it really hit home. We too are seeing such an increase in families coming into our pantry looking for help. Many of them are what we are calling The working poor . They are families that are trying to stay afloat in this tough economy and often have to choose between feeding their families or paying electric bills, mortgages, medical costs and so many other bills. We opened our pantry in 2000 and have seen a GREAT increase in just the past year. It is sad to see these parents coming in with their heads hung in shame and asking for help when they tell us only a year ago they themselves GAVE food to local pantries. More months than not we worry that we as a pantry will run out of food and personal products to give to those who come looking for help, but through the grace of God it always comes. We have gone from averaging 25-30 families a month looking for assistance to more than double that in most months. When people come to us and want to know why we do this we usually just say.. We are all one pay check away from being in their shoes, so while we can, we help !

    2. Ayu says:

      As a fan that saw 99% of games at the Muni and 5-6 on the road, JP is promotion wohrty, Destin Hood is not. Destin couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in the second half and some of his at-bats were so horrible I think a caveman could have done better. I am patiently awaiting the end of instructs to see what happens to Harper. This could make for a great sports-soap-opera winter for the Nats.

  5. Aleksandr says:

    Who ever suggested to put chareleeder in the game? This person deserves a gold star. Just think of it chareleeders with spandex skin tight tube tops in a COLD ice arena you know what that means. Titties galore!

  6. Pardeep says:

    When she was in her mid 1980s, my mother’s car keys and liensce were taken away from her by a police officer who found her driving the wrong way down a major road at night. At first she was very angry but eventally, with the help of a social worker, she accepted the wisdom of giving up driving. This event turned out to be a blessing, but I shudder to think what kind of accident might have happened. I do think that at some point perhaps age 80 drivers should be routinely checked like the woman in the video by either their doctors or the DMV. We test younger drivers before allowing them to drive; I think testing older drivers is equally valid. Older drivers are far more likely to accept a decision from an authority figure such as a doctor or police officer than one of their grown children.

  7. Racheal says:

    The other thing I attribute to eipdosic content is: at least it’s different. Everybody and their mother is bemoaning the lack of creativity in the game industry, and eipdosic content, while not the most original idea, is at least a departure from the norm.Ironically, it’s middleware companies like Epic that are enabling eipdosic content. With so much functionality right out of the box, developers now have the financial freedom to create a pilot’ episode without losing too much time and money. Then we could break the cycle of every game has to be a hit’.

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