• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Daniel says:

    I see the validity in some of your agreemunt, but I have to agree with Mark, interest in football completely dies after the Super Bowl. I think it was a smart move by Goodell to make it the week before the super. You really think having a few of the roster spots lost to superbowl contestants is the biggest issue??? What I can believe is that you failed to mention the blatant shortfall of the Pro Bowl; that these guys aren’t even playing at the level they played in high school! That’s what’s wrong with the Pro Bowl, and I don’t blame them. Why risk your career on a meaningless game, and why play football half-assed? I like the idea of having the pro bowlers play basketball. One last thing, as a sports writer aren’t you ashamed that you rated a football players’ talent based on his fantasy worth?

    1. Gurpreet says:

      ways. I’ve got some tough competition in the top five spots gtouhh with Buzz Pirates (#3), Tailgating Ideas (#2) and Chocolate Dog Blog in the #1 spot. I’m gunning for you

      1. Marin says:

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      2. Chi says:

        My family was rntoiog for the Jets!!! What a fabulous bunch of tailgating recipes! I’m going to my college homecoming for the first time in 20+ years…and you’ve inspired me to make a few yummy dishes to take along~

      3. Kevin says:

        I hate to hear that you have gotten anntyihg near a negative comment! I love that you do this. I am just getting into the business side of my love for photography and have learned a lot just by viewing all of these wonderful sites that you post. Thanks for what you do!

      4. Ibtissame says:

        These are absolutely indrecible! You did an amazing job capturing the love that Adam and Shannon have for eachother. I can not wait to book a session with you some day for my family. Thank you for doing such a stunning job capturing such an awesome evening!

      5. Rommel says:

        Brooke Conlin – Dianna! My therapist!This post was aminazg I am so inspired by your beautiful heart to serve and give to everyone while expecting nothing in return. I miss you like crazy but missing you is worth it because I know every individual that gets to meet you is blessed. Love,Brooke

    2. Olaf says:

      We also tend to do a little of both. When we went to Yellowstone for our ohoeymnon, our cabin in Island Park had a minifridge, toaster, microwave, coffeepot, and gas grill and a small, overpriced grocery store about 15 minutes away So we got stuff for breakfast (think toast and cereal bars), creamer (since coffee was provided by the resort), pop, a case of bottled water to take to the park with us, and stuff to cook out a couple of nights. It definitely saved us some money, and we probably would have gotten more if we’d had more frige room!

      1. Ewelina says:

        Es un buen artedculo. Me parce que hace un acercamiento fotnal a una realidad colombiana que mucho nos ufanamos de no tener, simplemente por que nos movemos en un mundo que ni de riesgo caereda en esta cursilereda, pero que nos mofamos de esa criolles y de autenticidad que muchas veces puede hacer falta.Para la clases me1s populares Marbelle es fiel estampa de alguien igual que ha surgido, que tiene un nombre, y por lo tanto se puede convertir en un ejemplo a seguir. Para el resto de compatriotas, que son una minoreda, ella es el reflejo de eso que esta por debajo, y que se le mira sf3lo para conocer aquello en lo que no se debe caer.

    3. Barbara says:

      Wowser! You had some great runs this week! Nice job! I hope you are enjoying your trip in Tahoe. We also used to grorecy shop on trips. With 6 girls eating out for every meal would have been ridiculous. Chris & I have not been on many trips together but the few we have we’ve gone grorecy shopping and eaten in as much as possible. We usually go on a tight budget so eating out every meal is definitely not an option.

      1. Sunara says:

        Dz8 the the point I was making is that Walton use to be at UM as a piotison coach under the guy that 80% of the fan base wants fires of course he was promoted to dc and was fired but another point calvin has made continuously is that Shannon doesn’t have the assts that other um hc has had neither does Shannon as a hc have the $$$$ or the security to go out and get them ish last off season when the rumor was barrow might be headed to uf cane fans were worried, but now some would say good riddennce??? Same with most of the staff my whole problem since the fire Shannon stuff has been festering is, when the next guy comes in will he have the $$$$ for a QUALITY STAFF??? and if so why wasn’t the $$$ there for Shannon??????

      2. Darby says:

        The first paragraph made me cry. So well wttiren. I got such a glimpse of who your mother was, a strong and beautiful lady. I lost my mom over 6 years ago suddenly after plastic surgery and I miss her. every. single. day. She raised me and my brother as a single mom as well. Have a good walk on Saturday. She is looking down with such pride and admiration.

    4. David says:

      Awesome day for tailgating and a game. I’m kinda eaulojs of your cute, mini-grill! Love the blue/white sprinkled ice cream too! Your description of the UNC campus reminded me of my own campus (Indiana University) and I totally miss tailgating too!

      1. Mehmet says:

        I am a mother of 7 which came about from a rearraimge. My husband had bought this book for me before we were even married. I’m sure he really didn’t know what a blessing it was going to be. I have always had low self-esteem but through this book God showed me how very precious I truly am in His eyes. It’s a must read for every woman! My sister is going through a very hard time right now & I would love to win this book for her. Please enter me in this drawing.

      2. Anetta says:

        Grace and Kenny,Your pictures are ibcledinre and you all look so in love! I love the UK photos! Thanks for letting me a part of your wedding!Love,Virginia

    5. Bethoven says:

      to our host I love that you all have cornhole aaialvble to play and our host corrected me saying, we prefer to say lawn toss . I stood corrected, but I could have taken her down with my mad underhanded throwing skills!

      1. Janos says:

        Oh come on Jas we all know that you aren’t making those fart noise that way! LOL!! Just kiidndg! This is sweet .you make me laugh so I can only image all the giggles you got from him.

      2. Juna says:

        Good question. And have you ever wodnered why you often see a shoe in the road, and then only one? It’s one of life’s great mysteries.

      3. Brian says:

        Great interview. Really put tnhgis into a much clearer perspective for me re: the origin, nature, and purpose of the letters. Looking forward to the second volume and the techniques involved in creating the portals. Keep up the great work.

      4. Ullie says:

        Oh and I hope you weren’t upset by what I said. I should have been more clear, pheraps. I find it funny that can make any subject really interesting. That is all I meant. I enjoy reading your blog regardless of what you are writing about some other blogs are good but need an occasional scroll down to bypass the snoozy stuff.

      5. Ehmedova says:

        Israel should be mersaued against the US where people of color have civil liberties protected by the US Constitution, I am Hawaii born of Asian ancestry currently living in California and enjoy equal rights and socio economic status and opportunities surpassed by none. Immigrates of color including the Falasha love America. I travel frequently internationally and realize the blessings of living in the US. Minorities thrive in America, even Arabs and Muslims. Israel strips legitimate first class citizens of their God given rights. That is called Apartheid. Shame on a country that prides themselves on having an advanced culture. Larry was definitely muzzled because he was denied the right by the JP to respond to false accusations and vicious attacks. Larry’s mistake was compromising himself by writing for the JP which is a publication in decline with a tiny circulation. JP is irrelevant. Larry will soon become a global hero. His cause is already being recognized by the influential media and wire services.

    6. Pengamatpolitik says:

      This semester is dlftniieey different First hour I have Performance, which is very frightening seeing as I am deathly terrified of presenting anything in front of people. Second hour I have SEEK, which is great. Third hour I have French, which is absolutely amazing! Fourth hour I have social studies; we’re studying the Constitution right now. Fifth hour is ADV English, which is really fun because all of the EL kids are in there! Sixth hour is ADV Science, which is actually quite challenging so I love it! Seventh hour is prealgebra, which is okay(it’s not hard, but I’d rather stay there for now). Finally, eighth hour is study hall or PE. What I really like is that a bunch of the EL kids have classes together, so it keeps things interesting. That about sums it up, I guess

      1. Tomek says:

        What amazing prtucies, you all looked stunning, Mila is just too cute Hope your special day was amazing & hope to see you all soon, much love xx

      2. Nisha says:

        Kate Perkes – I love this slideshow Nate! Your best by far, I think your style is shinnig through more and more. Good looking couple too, they will love having this as a memory.

      3. Zaenal says:

        De acuerdo con casi todo, pero no la pondreda en el mismo coastl con Carla Giraldo, la diferencia entre una y otra es que esta faltima no se ha encontrado y afan ni se define sexualmente, mietras que Marbelle sebe de df3nde viene. Por otra parte, yo fui de la que estuve abriendo soho para ver las fotos, y claro que me parecen una risa, y me parece che9vere que Soho haya hecho eso, ased sea por burla como han dicho, me parece ve1lido, que se muestren cuerpos distintos a los de las modelos fame9licas de siempre.PD. Una de las cosas me1s interesantes de la entrevista es que la primera dama le haya montado la boda con royne, jeje.

      4. Calimba says:

        photos are proof of that. The bride looked goerogus (check out more of her from her bridal shoot here) and the groom was relaxed and ready to be forever united with his beautiful

    7. Biola says:

      Coming to a beer outlet near you boy, that’s a tesaer! We live in Northwest Indiana and have been anxiously awaiting Yuengling to appear in a beer outlet near us for many years. In fact, we are so desperate for Yuengling beer, that we have made friends with people from our area who have family in Pennsylvania to act as our beer mules and bring us cases of Yuengling every time they come to NW Indiana!

      1. Andresito says:

        – What a beautiful wdiedng! Shannon and Damien’s wdiedng was so adorable and gorgeous at the same time and you captured it sooo well! I want to get married again so you can photograph it!

      2. Antonella says:

        Shannon and Scott! Becky and Jess came to Des Moines and the three of us went GRAPE STOMPING (after picking for 2h) at a vinyeard south of here. When we came home, I saw your email that the pictures were posted, so we took a look and the verdict is that they are all absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe how amazing everything looks! The best part is that they completely capture how beautiful things were on the actual day! What perfect memories!

    8. David says:

      C K – I love the picture of him rinnung off with the parents in the background. I always wonder how those who receive these pictures must feel when they first see them. Thanks for sharing these.December 31, 2010 3:13 pm

  2. Virginia says:

    What a great post for this day! I try to take time to just enjoy the day. I’m grateful we live in a small town – we’re only a short dacitnse from the big city, though. If I want to give my “slow down” a little boost, I go there and come back relishing the slowness of our little town.

    1. Machhi says:

      You’ve highlighted the aepcst I miss MOST of American culture our particular style of outdoor eating, meaning barbeques and tailgating, dogs and burgers and brats, a cooler spilling over with seasonal longnecks, and corn on the friggin’ cob.

      1. Sonia says:

        huy para q es un articulo q llega. adaems ps marbelle sin ser una figura muy reconocida en otros paises se ha logrado labrar una reputacion en colombia aunque ps a dado mucho de q hablar esta demas decir q es la viva imagen de las mujeres colombianas q no les importa las figuras esteticas para salir a la calle a que le tomen una foto. o un hombre con cara de morboso le pida un autografo. realmente me parece q marbelle es una vieja de pueblo q se crio con la picada y la morcilla adaems si en soho hacen burlas de la s mujeres como ella tambien venden morbo ese morbo q teniamos todos los colombianos de q las mujeres raquiticas y delgadas siempre aparecieran en las portadas de las revistas de farandula. en colombia premiamos mas q la belleza la ignorancia premiamos con flores y premios en colombia como en el mundo los estereotipos de belleza son los q mueven al mundo y cuando personas como marbel odiada por unos y amada por otros desnuda su cuerpo para algunas personas es una mofa de q personas con llantas aparescan en una revista para probocar deseos y q otras aparescan pq son modelos vendidas y muchas de ellas anhelan tener la popularidad dentro del pueblo ignorante como la tiene marbell.

      2. Jok says:

        Me encanta todo lo que tiene que ver con mlaberl es una excelente artista se ha hecho la carrera a pulso sin ayuditas y favores como modelitos,actrices que cambian otras cosas por algun contrato. Pero ahed nadie dice nada pero es algo que es una realidad, tu belleza es de mujer latina, y bueno colombia es colombia (te admiro)

      3. Prerna says:

        those disney crocs are aradoble! i tried on maryjanes and the prima’s at journey’s yesterday adn they are comfy adn soooo cute!they are coming out with college crocs sometime this fall you would think they would have them already for football season! the swirled crocs are actually made my Airwalk adn sold at payless shoe stores and their website. they are very comfy like crocs but just a hair too narrow for me. but they are half the price and almost as pliable as crocs. i love my crocs

    2. Sani says:

      This is the greatest idea I have seen in a long time and I met the guys that came up with this idea, they are just as FINE as the game!!!!! Loving it in San Antonio!!! Stay COOL, Cool Toss Crew

      1. Naveen says:

        – Hi Michelle, I would love to be a part of your online class. I am falriy new to the proffessional photography industry and seriously want up my game. I think your work is amazing and would be so honoured and appreciative if you would teach me the ways of the master.

      2. Ely says:

        and future nurse maeagnrs, this is how you cut back on staff and expenses, by increasing your patient to nurse ration. Scrubs caption contest winners – 2011Posted: January 17th, 2011GD Star Ratingloading…

      3. Parigi says:

        Amazing pictures!!! Loved each and every one, you guys are so poothgenic and Shannon you look stunning, so happy for both of you! Love, Claudia & Marc

      4. Angel says:

        , you are a seeker, Larry. a0But your eimenes are not interested in truth and see your apology only as weakness, to be exploited. a0The prophets too were scorned and vilified. a0Keep going, Larry. You live in interesting times. a0This mistake will lead you on to higher and better things on life’s way. a0A lot of good people are behind you. a0

    3. Lilia says:

      I went to East Carolina University, and I majored in Business & Marketing Education. I’m still not sure if I want to get a Masters in a uisbness field or an education field. We were planning to visit Oxford this past weekend, but it didn’t work out. Wahhhhh. We’re still planning to go later this year or early next year, though. We’re really excited!

      1. lahcen says:

        I just started raneidg your blog- yay college ball! My husband and I go nuts this time of year with weekly college football parties with friends. Our poor baby son has no choice but to be a football fan! Love all your team logo gear!

      2. Iwish says:

        jon Posted on Swinging Bridges was the first hike I ever did on Maui, nearly 15 years ago. At the time I didn’t even raelize there was any hiking on Maui. Back then I was very much the What why would you ever walk AWAY from the beach? mentality don’t get me wrong I love the ocean more than anything, but Maui’s got variety and it’s nice to explore.

      3. Regie says:

        Uneducated or ignorant? I think unsiretented is a better word. Can u tell me on top of your head the history of Benin and the type of their government and their internal issues? You need also add the fact that foreign tourists are extincting species in Iran, so they are even less exposed to International issues.Additionally, I think because the state media over reporting the conflict, people tend to ignore it completely (suppose a telemarketer calls you every day to sell you the same product).There’s also a resentment coming from the fact that people think that while poverty is wide spread in Iran, there’s no justification for spending the oil money on Palestinians and Hizballah.There’s a mutual common racist feeling among Arabs and Iranians. Each side think that the other side is inferior (For that matter I have heard Arabs plainly say in their sermon that they are superior to the whole world) . The eaters of lizard and grasshopper is a title that commonly used in Iranian gossip circle to address Arabs. The best way to mobilize all Iranians is to tell them that somebody called Persian Gulf , Arabian Gulf . That also probably plays a role in turning Iranian away from paying more attention to the conflict and the region.Add the Shia-Sunni fight to it and it should be clear why they don’t care that much.The majority of people who need to care, are employees of the ministries of truth (such as memebrs of IRG and their families). They have to participate in the mandatory Two Minutes Hate and Hate Week in 1984 style. So, obviously, they believe in the governmental version of the story.

      4. Neko says:

        it before, your coagure and heart for making a difference is soo inspiring! It\’s awesome to read about what you and the team are doing out there and beyond awesome to know that in and through you, Christ\’s Love, Hope and Heart for everyone is being seen. May the sufficiency of Christ continue to be your strength as you continue to do the work you\’ve been called to do. Always in our prayers!Love,Danny

    4. Carlos says:

      what a fun day!! i LOVE tailgating. we live super close to thenowrstern (and not too too far from notre dame) and try to get out there a few saturdays per season. our food is never as delicious as your looks, though!

      1. Daud says:

        us some great memories to hang on to, we apericpate your hard work! -Shannon & Cory Shannon and Cory were a joy to work with and their wedding images are among my favorite this

      2. Krishna says:

        Obviously, I need to watch what I say to Andy, better known as Mr. Everything Is On The Record. And Gardner, I might ineded be a hanging judge, but I’ll admit that part of my grumpyness that day (more than a usual day) came from the hard reality of facing the first day back to work after a nice holiday break. Things were better after a trip to Chipotle.

      3. Leena says:

        That is absolutely awful that ANYONE would say aniyhtng negative-esp. when you do this is addition to all the commitments you have-some people need to take a step back for sure on that. I love reading this blog as a source of inspiration and also keeping up with all the GREAT artists out there & all their talents this is a busy season & I thank you for continuing to take the time to review peers in our field. Blessings, Janice/Adorations

      4. Tim says:

        Ken and Jen Perkes – Nate: We really loved this! You have baltuifuley captured Faruk and Nicole’s love and joy. They are a fortunate couple to have found you during their engagement adventure in Costa Rica! I’m sure they will cherish this amazing video. Pops

      5. Cris says:

        No, engelo, this is not statyommpic of anything, and certainly not Zionism. Why confuse the issues totally by bringing up Zionism and Democracy?The issue here is simple a financial concern, the JP, decided that one of its employees is causing them more financial loss than gain, and made the financially correct, albeit annoying, decision to fire Larry.As a self proclaimed right wing rag it can print whatever it wants and rejects whatever it wants. Larry is an unfortunate victim, but not of Zionism or of Democracy, but of capitalism and shoddy journalism.Let’s not confuse the issues.

      6. Michelle says:

        Hi Jeff We are interested in trniyg to build a bucket this week to familiarize ourselves with the system. Do you have any info on how they are built or what exactly are the chemicals they typically test for? Perhaps the info is coming in the LABB packet you mentioned, but please send us any info you have on the mechanics of the process. Thanks!Colin

    5. Keigo says:

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      1. Rute says:

        Esteban says:November 23, 2010 at 2:31 PMI blame all losses on Ben Jones. If he would have met extctpaeions he would be starting at LT and Orlando would be at RT and Figs would have been at LG from the jump. Once Figs gets hurt then Orlando can slide to LG and Henderson can take RT. Ohio State doesn’t have their LE and DT who rushed from LE knocked Jacory around and we win. UVA game isn’t a loss cause Gunn ain’t in there to whiff and let Jacory get knocked out. And we don’t have Orlando at LT getting holding penalties against VT so we win. And FSU game Orlando isn’t getting abused by Brandon Jenkins (i think that’s his name) and Jacory and the offense can answer and have a shoot out against FSU instead of us losing.all BEN JONES FAULT!!//////////////////////////////////////lolben jones, good point. I kind of wasn’t sure about coach mcgriff for a year or 2, but after this year, whether that nfl coach saying what he is saying and whether that coach at raines is saying what he is saying, the truth is, as it is right now, mcgriff has coached db’s that are actually playing solid ball in the nfl, whether they new about film or not. Now, we all know coach stoops does a good job at teaching db’s, but it seemed like that only translated into safeties at the next level over corners. antonio dixion was a coach hurtt product, now at linebacker, , be it good or bad, we got more players that are playing in the nfl after shannon took over than before he did. Whatever coach mcgriff is teaching, it’s good enuff for college football, you can’t argue with where our secondary ranks in college football, so mcgriff can’t be judged for what guys are saying in the nfl, when he has college stats to back up his secondary, and he can also say the foundation they had when they left UM is what allowed them to excel in the nfl.Good to see manny using facts to support shannon as well. shannon is not doing as bad record wise as people are trying to make it seem. It all honesty, if it’s all agreed that shannon had to do the worst rebuild job at UM since schnelly, so if we take shannon’s first 2 years on the job, he’s something like 12 & 12, than as of right now if you add last year to this current year, he’s 16 & 8, with a chance to be 18 & 8 over the last 2 years, that’s not a great record, but it’s also not a bad record, we didn’t make the break thru this year that most of us wanted, but if shannon repeats the same record he had last year at a 4 year pace, that’s not bad.That’s why you support shannon, based on the real numbers, to throw up the 28 & 21, is unjustified, because that doesn’t tell the true story.

      2. Isabella says:

        – Gorgeous wedding and the colupe looks stunning together. I love the dancing shots and the b&w wagon shot just made me laugh out loud because it’s so cute!

      3. Elena says:

        Usually I do not read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very focerd me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, very great post.

    6. Jovana says:

      here, and for how brilliantly you read that book. If you’re ever in Durham, North Carolina, let’s meet for coeffe; I have a beautiful pool stick you’re welcome to. Haven Kimmel

      1. Farida says:

        What I love about your blog: I love the large size of the images! I also love the way your subtcejs look through your lens: at ease, comfortable, and having a great time being photographed! What I hate about your blog: sorry, there’s nothing I hate about it!! Keep up the great work!

      2. Nicat says:

        – wow, i’m sooooo glad I found your blog! Your work and you are so insnripg. It was hard deciding which entry to comment on for the first time! But I’ll definitely be back so I figured this time didn’t really matter. P.S. I love her hair piece. I really want to know where to find it!

    7. Manutsanun says:

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  3. Amy says:

    I certainly apcerpiate the folding nature of the wagon and the metal frame seems solid. Plastic end caps are not particularly tenaciously placed and after less than a few hours, I have noticed 1 plastic end cover is MIA and 2 are loose. Some damage was evident soon after arrival. There was a tear in the fabric lining on one side and at least one joint was broken. I did not immediately notice the broken joint, and I needed the wagon immediately as I was on vacation and had it delivered to my lodging. It did not prevent me from using the wagon, which the kids love, but it can’t be good for the long term durability. Also, the canopy did not come in the box. Calling the company resulted in them notifying me that they will send one to me when it comes back in stock in a couple of weeks. The wagon is definitely an attention getter, but I found out that at Disney World, you cannot take it into the theme park. Because one has to pull it, not push it (due to the placement of the rotating wheels as opposed to the fixed axis wheels), it is considered a tripping hazard. It was kept in customer relations for the day and I was given a voucher for a free stroller rental. If I can shore up the damaged parts, it still ought to be useful on the boardwalk or at a picnic.

    1. Buzi says:

      YES YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED!!!! I will get the Kikster to an American football game no mttaer what! His plans for our time in Phoenix and Vegas over Christmas? Well, he’s only requested going to a shooting range and seeing the Grand Canyon. aim low, Mr. Soldier Boy, aim low.

      1. Kiara says:

        Wow, the photos are amainzg! You look stunning Shannon, and you both look so happy congratualtions! The Photos of Mila are beautiful, can’t wait to see you guys again and hear all about your special day, from us all xx

      2. Nicole says:

        I like your site! The color combo of the blue and goldy yellow is rellay soothing and your images have that same feel. I like how clean your site is too. Funny, right before checking my rss feed for your blog I was checking out the template you have! Funny!

      3. Sonu says:

        watched it again just noticed that you said it’s got a white nike check Funny I once got lit up on KOF on a rieevw when I said check..lmao I always called it a check

    2. Hidalt says:

      I come from a vacation greocry-shopping family as well. Typically our vacations tend to be with extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles), so the greocry shopping and the meals all seem more exciting because there are other people with us our food repertoire automatically increases due to everyone’s different skills and preferences in the kitchen. Have fun on the rest of your trip!!

      1. Break says:

        Linda Thanks for your visit and encouraging cnetmoms!! This was one of those things that was so strong in my mind I just had to blog about it.I really pray it continues to encourage others.

      2. Susan says:

        marbel soy tu fan numero uno y por eso tengo tres coorres con tu nombre uno con tu hija uno tuyo y uno mio y tengo todos tres con tu fotos y tengo la colleccion de tu novela y muy pronto voy a tener un poster tuyo por que tu eres mi favorita y quiero que vengas a milagro para verte por primera vez y me encanta tu novela y mi suef1o es verte en persona a ti y a tu hija a si que te espero hasta que vengas a milagro si por que desde que salio tu novela me encanto lo que no me gusto fue que royne te pegara tan fuerte ojala y vengas a milagro algun dia y que te vaya muy bien en tus consiertos y muchas vendiciones a ti y a tus hijas te quiere tu fan numero uno leslie

    3. Elisea says:

      Chandra Posted on Love it! Glad I had a chance to run with you the other day! Helped me to get back on track while I was up there! Know that you keep me isrniped!

    4. Hillary says:

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      1. Martenyos says:

        I wasn’t raised w/a coeuptmr. There are alot of scams out there, and many that say no exp. nec. You then get the info, and 1/2 of it you don’t know what they are talking about. Is there anything out there that’s fairly simple, that you can actually make a decent amt. of $$ at, w/out investing tons, and even maybe a little bit fun?!

      2. Alana says:

        My problem is I don’t exalcty know how to get started. What is the first step, and the subsequent steps. While Im trying to understand while reading I think there is too much imformation on what thr individual make instead of how to make the money or even getting started making the money. I need help.

      3. Johnpaul says:

        That is my beautiful dhugater in law. Wow. These Photos really capture the complete women that is Jenny. I love these so much! She is stunning, elegant and a modern girl.

      4. Gii says:

        certainly like your web site however you have to take a look at the sinllpeg on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with sinllpeg problems and I to find it very troublesome to inform the truth however I’ll definitely come again again.

      5. Mari says:

        Glad you guys like em! Kirsta.. just a touch of sass, but still sweet .I think that’s a great description! I love haivng fun couples to work with and feel truly energized when I’m working with/for couples like you guys Audrey Ben!

    5. Iura says:

      , Couldn’t you just hear Dianna’s laughter all the way thurgoh this? We were honored to lift you up on the lovely homemade head piece that Bryce wore. There were certainly a few instances that resembled the night you went down at Joska! Much, much, much, love to you Dianna, and the fact that you put something so extravagant together for us to enjoy, when we know how busy you are making God smile. : )Love you sister,Linda

    6. ICank says:

      – Hello there there! This publish coldun’t be created any far better! Reading through via this submit reminds me of my past space mate! He usually stored speaking about this. I’ll ahead this short article to him. Quite certain he’ll have a very excellent go through. Thanks for sharing!

    7. Miura says:

      Sharon Bautista – DANG! Stephanie is so right!! How could you get anything done the faces of those kids are pileercss! I love the concentration on your girls’ faces and the attention to detail is sooo great.God is being honored on so many levels! Keep up this awesome work!

  4. Elina says:

    love the photos of the eaplps!! great giveaway! Congrats!! You have 72 hours to contact me before I pick another winner! Didn’t win?? Remember Farbklecks is offering… 30% off and FREE SHIPPING everyday!!

    1. Nkosinathi says:

      Nice work photographing this wedndig. The image of the Bride and Groom sharing a quiet moment on the stairs is my favorite.The Bride and Groom must have been thrilled to have you as their Wedding Photographer.LJ

      1. Vicky says:

        Nutritional yeast is funny it often gives me MSG-y headaches, I loeokd into it, part of the autolyzation process mimics MSG or something. I am sure Google would cough it up if you were interested. We were eating a fair amount of it (crispy fried tofu) so I cut it down/out and no more headaches.Not 100% if they were directly related, but certainly food for thought if it moves up the chain of things you consume.It’s also usually in anything cheesey that’s health food , like our kids Cheddar Bunnies (aka Goldfish Crackers).

      2. Ravi says:

        Katrina Posted on Having a Leslie is essential. In the past, I would refer to you as one of the naruatl girls that I hang out with Now I say my friend Thanks for the laughs, motivation and cute tops.

    2. Shiny says:

      WOW!!!!! What a journey, Ken!! Thanks for sainhrg; I felt like I was right there with you. Welcome home, have a very Happy Easter, and definitely pursue more writing!

    3. Flaquita says:

      Shannon-Welcome aboard! But I cekluchd as well at me I mean. Because you are the fourth, fifth, maybe sixth man I have met named Shannon .I don’t remember the last woman I have met named Shannon (besides myself:) )Excited to read your thoughts!-Shannon

    4. Zargon says:

      angelrose2001 on September 4, 2011 I love the bibs and the option for the EVA vinyl iersnt. I am always looking for bibs that will keep my son’s clothes dry! My son has acid reflux and is still spitting up at almost 2 years old. These bibs also look really comfy!

  5. Bojka says:

    !We tend to do some of both eating in and out while atvreling. My family rarely took big trips growing up because of the farm, but we did one multi-day car trip I can remember and we definitely had a big food cooler. The H and I don’t travel a ton, but I always at least pack atvreling snacks.

    1. Fredy says:

      i have always loved kraft foods. there foods are Delicious. first thing that comes to mind is the mac and cheese. they are so incredible for there cause by helping to stop hunger. it is an awful feeling yo be hungry and not know how you will eat. so thank you kraft and you for posting this.

      1. Komathi says:

        Is this your new plan, instead of adniviog me you are going to call me a liar and hope your rude comments will keep me away? ; ) I kid of course (nothing will stop the stalking heh).I too hope everyone blogs more this year (well, except Jim I think he already does enough) and I look forward to what you have to say. Maybe I’ll even learn a thing or two. Instead of actually showing up DTLT to teach me anything you could just blog it all hah. Man I miss making fun of everyone. See you in about a week!

      2. Ablebelly says:

        – I finally FINALLY got a chacne to check out the interview. I’m super devastated. You are turned off by messy houses and offices and I have to un-welcome to you mine now. LOL! (kidding, I never REALLY type that but I just had to). Congrats girl. Great interview. GREAT images selected to shine. Great. great. great.

      3. Angguen says:

        Hi Traci,How are you? You have just come so far with your photography! I’m just so issmepred! I don’t know how you do this with 3 tiny kiddos. You’re amazing. So have you found 3 kiddos for your photo shoot yet? I could lend mine if you need. My older 2 would be very easy, the youngest a bit more challenging. Let me know if you need them. Would be fun to watch a shoot. Let me know:)Wendi Maney

    2. Purnima says:

      Great blog Seth!Clearly the snowboarding speed and skill has birhsed off on to your blogging perhaps we can coin a new term snowblogging or blogboarding ??Lots of lovely add-ons here!Terrific,Valentina

      1. Revhychaiiyank says:

        BrandtMorain Posted on @linkleisure Ridiculous! The biggest mass murerds in all of history were Athiest and/or anti-Christian. Here is the list:1: Mao Ze-Dong 70 Million murdered2: Joseph Stalin 20 Million3: Adolf Hitler 6 Million dead + WWII4: Hideki Tojo 8 Million5: Pol Pot 1.5 Million The rest of the list includes such honorable non-Christians as Mussolini, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Brezhnev, etc The entire Inquisition period only murdered 150,000 people by ignoring Thou shalt not kill

    3. Jennet says:

      Your work is really beifuautl. I particularly love the really relaxed portraits especially the one with the jumping child caught in mid-air.One small blog design comment the way the baby’s dark hair is cropped off in the header is really distracting. I think it would work better if there were more balance between the two ends of the body (since there is white showing by the feet, but the top end of the end is cut off). The photo itself is gorgeous though.Thanks for all the hard work that you do to let us know about all of these great blogs.

    4. Alexception says:

      Sharon The Mom Bautista – So Leesey Poppins Practically Perfect Headbands have gone international!!! Love it!And I’m so glad that your litlte Latin and litlte Jersey have come in so handy!! Praying for Week 2 the team and your girls!! Love, Mom

    5. Loris says:

      natalieldav1 on September 4, 2011 I love that the products are a greneer option and that they are hand sewn for a better quality.The toddler hoodies (ages 1-6) in the boy colors are absolutely amazing. Enter me in the give away please.

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