• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Togrul says:

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    1. Mile says:

      in DelawareI definetly agree with you. its all about money, as well as the ratgnis for those stations to select and air which game could catch their eye. Not everybody tends to like what their local fox and cbs station in each of their states, selects to air that day. but one way or the other, i guess we have to get over it.I mean Im surprised 48 out of the 50 states will be tuning in this Sunday on FOX to watch part 2 of the Cowboys@Vikings double-header game, 2 teams that have already met and played each other back in January in the divisional round of the playoffs when the Vikings annihilated the cowboys 34-3this time, this game will probably turn outugggggggggg leeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Thiqa says:

      no fanYou lose a game because of the bucokalt.since San Diego is blacked out you only get 2 games 1 at 1pm and 1 at 4pm. Since FOX has the doubleheader the later game is the featured game so they will air the late game.On CBS the feature game is at 1pm so they air the 1pm CBS game .had San Diego sold out then you would have gotten both games on the doubleheader the home team game and the game in the other time slot (1pm game on FOX)When ever the team is playing home the TV market will only get two NFL games not involving the hometown team if the hometeam game is a sellout then they will get the extra game of that home game which would air exclusivelt in the market.

  2. Cha says:

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    1. Eustaquio says:

      11.02.09 at 11:53 amSea OtterThat’s a pretty mesaty run by Johnson, though, you have to admit. Yours sincerely,William Gay, Laron Landry, Brian Bosworth, and all the poor SOBs who got pwned by Walter Payton on his highlight video.

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