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  1. Austin says:

    about the everybody htanig Dirk, but still reading his stories. Hilarious. Also find it funny that Tim G says that Journalstar doesn’t always agree with Coach Pelini. Thats laughable. The Journalstar is nothing more than Husker homers that are too afraid to say anything bad.Everybody needs to chill out with this. Dirk is doing his job. He isn’t crossing the line. I read his article on Friday and love it. Like usual it was full of facts and good research. I went back and read it again today and still don’t see where Dirk is being unfair with Martinez. If anything the piece is more critical of Pelini.Also Bo Pelini needs to understand if he is going to be a Head Coach at a BCS school with the tradition of Nebraska he is going to have to deal with a lot of media requests. Its part of the job. If you don’t like it, be a D Coordinator. The Nebraska media isn’t very tough in my opinion. Just look at LSU where Les Miles was undefeated last year and they wanted to run him out. Someday when Bo leaves Nebraska for another job (on his own) he’ll find out how much easier it was here.

    1. Jes says:

      Like Greg, it’s been ages since I’ve enjoyed a Sloppy Joe. Making them with silder buns is a great idea when your tailgating. Love that you paired em with your tater tots.

      1. Bhoxz says:

        actually, a Zelda 3 seems a lot more likely at this point. I mean, the made “New Super Mario Bros.” for both the DS and Wii, and Sega even made-hah-haha, no, sorry, Sega made a {sngiegr, sngiegr} hehehehe, AHEM, Sega made a “Sonic the Hedgehog 4”! (HAHAHAHA) .{sigh} so, yeah, Zelda 3 could very well be ma- WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!?, I mean, it looks like the stupidest ..cause .do Sonic fans really not care about Story so much that they’d be excited about a game that has EVEN LESS of a plot that Mario Galaxy 2? Why doesn’t Sega just get it over with and formerly announce that they will NEVER EVER EVER EVER use ANY of their characters EVER AGAIN besides Sonic and Eggman, and maybe Tails and Amy who will have absolutely no point in being there. why the hell am I ranting about Sonic on a Zelda site? I’ll shut up now.

      2. Cantong says:

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    2. Anupama says:

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      1. Rachid says:

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      2. Matheus says:

        Yes I believe the Cowboys sholud have done better. They certainly could have because the Seahawks are even worse. Also, I think the Cowboys are definately the same as they were last year. They have too many mistakes and get stupid penalties. I don’t think getting rid of Wade Phillips helped all that much. But ya maybe it would have been better if they just got all new players pretty much.

      3. Fhulufhelo says:

        I’m so glad you liked this! I saw you were on the tour and was anticipating your reivew. (I agree with Sandy that even reading the synopsis reminds me of those two books which I loved both). Jason actually started reading this the other day and is literally laughing constantly and he wants me to start reading it soon too. I can’t wait!

    3. Abubkr says:

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      1. Josef says:

        omg,this is better than stand up comdey,this guy is hilarious,i had an heart attack just by watching this but seriously this is an overkill,in europe this much meat could feed 20 people,and you made 8 burgers meat eatin contest: america 1 ,rest of the world 0 respect

      2. Vijay says:

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      3. Novamita says:

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      4. Jayasri says:

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      5. Herbert says:

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    4. Elena says:

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      1. Pilar says:

        Need Rowdy to come in and take over. Jerry Jones has lost his mind and is going to be the end of the Cowboys. I love my Dallas Cowboys dearly and can’t bevliee what that overzealous owner has done to them in terms of turning America’s Team into a bunch of choke artists.

      2. Patricia says:

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      3. Lalu says:

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      4. Cihat says:

        My September/Virgo nature (also frobtsirn female, ugh) has had a really tough time setting goals, only to find myself not keeping them. This in turn has led me to just giving up trying this one month goal setting altogether. Yet. I did do an incredible job of weeding my household/personal files out of the hubby’s office filing cabinet, into my own 2 drawer file cabinet, not only paring down the crappe, but buying new file folders, labeling them all with a label maker, and then, AND THEN, hitting the 30 photo albums on a rolling rack in the closet, putting those into plastic bins on the shelves in there, and the getting 2 more photo albums done. I amazed myself. I also paced myself, so burn out was not an option. I did not procrastinate it into non-doing, but gave myself plenty of off time to get those 2 major projects done.I’m also doing *something* physical 5 days per week, Mon-Fri, weekends OFF. Mentally, this is iimportant, the weekends off. So, I’m hitting those 5 days with 3 days of walking, and 2 days of elliptical machine work. I give myself holidays off (like the husband’s birthday today) and other national holidays. This tricks myself into thinking I deserve to slack off. So, I slack off on the holiday, knowing I’ll hit it again shortly.It’s working for me! But, I’m not letting myself slide into the month by month thing. I think that is what trips me up into stopping altogether.

    5. Varun says:

      Just because snemooe might have folding chairs and takeout doesn’t mean they’re any less into tailgating. Not everyone wants to fill up on began potato salad, quinoa, and veggje burgers. Everyone is different. Every tailgating experience is different.

      1. Ahmed says:

        James. Not to burst your bubble by ednnig your streak, but that amber alert was quite humerous. I, like you, think its diffrent w/o paul. Ill scroll through the comment section and i wont find a post three times as long as all the others( unless of course its you). I dont believe Jay keeps track of consecutive posts, just sayinOn another note, I, and most everyone here, want to see Dallas beat Miami. Ill admit, Im not the biggest fan of Dallas. I was one of the many people who accused them of being to soft and had no chance in hell of beating the Lakers. I was wrong. Of course, i wasnt rooting for LA, i just didnt give the Mavericks a chance. Dirk has proven this year that he is the best European basketball player ever. He deserves the ring more than anybody. Let me rephrase that, the Mavericks deserve it more than any other team. Theyve played the best basketball of any team in the playoffs consistenally. Yes, Miami has been remarkabally consistent, but not like Dallas. The closest series was vs. OKC and it never seemed like OKC had a shot.Give em hell.

      2. Auth says:

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      3. Tawanda says:

        I think it’s way too early to say exactly who we suhold draft but I’ve been getting pretty excited about the prospect of moving up to get a Safety (ahem Earl Thomas) that we like or maybe even an offensive lineman..It all depends on what happens on draft day but if there were ever a year to move up, it’d be this one. 7 draft picks aren’t making this team.. package our 1st and a 3rd (maybe a 4th instead) and get someone else’s 1st to get Earl Thomas or one of the pluthera of OL..but then..

      4. Elizabeth says:

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      5. Madhan says:

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    6. Jamil says:

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      1. Jhonatan says:

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    7. Katka says:

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      1. Shoot says:

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    9. Rasta says:

      on info about the book. Although good readers of those ages will enjoy the book, there are many thmees that are only going to be grasped by people with a little more life experience. We are using the book in a high school psych class as an example of a case study of a dyslexic child. I was very moved by the relationship between Buddy and her grandfather. The relationship between Buddy and her father, fraught with difficulties rang true and allowed for some real character development as they both had to grow up.

    10. Yosimura says:

      Brad Thomsen November 13, 2011 Thanks Kate, I’ll watch for it.Also, which episode were you on with Luke Burbank on TBTL. I heard you were going to be on 97.3 with him yeerstday, but didn’t catch you on with him .By the way, liked the podcast.

    11. Tehran says:

      Hmmm, July was a bit of a blur. No goals other than to survive it and try and get some good rides in, perraping for my 200 mile charity ride next weekend. I think I’ll do fine August is hopefully a big month for me professionally but I don’t want to jinx it! That, and actually spending some quality time with the fam, which I’m dying to do. This summer has been nothing but work work work all day every day, and all weekend long. That needs to stop!

    12. Anastasia says:

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      1. Azhar says:

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      2. Janethoren says:

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      3. Mig says:

        Blogging history has kind of been a litlte theme I’ve been on lately. I just finished reading Who Let the Blogs Out? by Biz Stone. Very interesting book that gives a lot of detail about how the world of blogging came about and other interesting bloggy-type things.

      4. July says:

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      5. Sonia says:

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    13. Asya says:

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    14. Auth says:

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  2. Neha says:

    I have a 40 minute drive to work every day. I leave early in the mroning, when there is hardly any traffic on the roads. In the summer, I roll down the windows and open the sunroof to let the warm mountain air wash over me. I turn up Jason Aldean on the radio and just drive. In the cold months, the heat warms me from the dashboard, I sip coffee from my big Dunkin’ Donuts cup, and Eric Church sings me to work. These drives are my time to take life in…and slow my roll :)I loved your post and the picture makes me wish I was there (with Jason & Eric of course!).

    1. Carlos says:

      I love that you can balance hlhteay and fun that tailgating food looks amazing! And I also call the game cornhole so fun to play at summer gatherings. I think ours is put away until next year:(.

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      3. Dasha says:

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      1. Ilyas says:

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      2. Nathh says:

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  3. Mondher says:

    Haha, remind me next year, and I’ll go! My tnaerps live in the Clemson area, so it would be really easy for me to attend a game. I just never know who’s going or what tailgate to go to. Stephen, my bf, needs to experience a Clemson game.

    1. Comy says:

      This is exactly what Jerry Jones does at Cowboys Stadium! Jerry wants to milk every laodlr he can, so you can buy Party Pass tickets for the three different levels in the end zones, or outside for $29 per person. They have bands play on a stage, and many, many outdoor large screens to watch the game. Of course the $8.50 beers are flowing and $10 pulled pork sandwiches are moving too. I’ve been to Cowboy Stadium for every meeting between the Giants and Cowboys since it opened Opening night (2009) was 105,000 people the stadium has 80,000 seats. If those 25,000 were willing to stand around either inside or out, why can’t the NHL follow suit? Though I’m a Devils fan, I would love to attend any one of the Winter Classics. Be it AT the game or tailgating and watching from outside.

      1. Micsunica says:

        And one more thing. Both the Packers and the Raider actually got bears. The resaon this was done was because neither team have official mascots so they had to go with something. Which is really cool because I think both of them turned out very well. When I do get complaints about our NFL Collection it is usually about Rowdy or Steely McBeam from Pittsburgh. The people that don’t like them really don’t like them. But the people who love them really love them.

      2. Josimar says:

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    2. Ugea says:

      Very disappointed that the Cowboys cudoln’t bring it home this past weekend and bring in a win. I am really sick of spending all this money going to these games only to walk out with another loss. I realize that the Cowboys are not having their worst year but they just got beat by the Cardinals. The Cardinals? Really? Could you have been beaten by any worse team than that? I think not. Jerry Jones better get his ass in gear. (NO, wait I take that back) Hey Jerry! How about you just stop messing with the entire program and let the coaches do what they know how to do! How about you let them do their jobs and you can just sit there and be the owner. You are not a coach, you have never been a coach, and you never will be a coach. You have never even played the game for crying out loud!

      1. Navaneeth says:

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      2. Lina says:

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    3. Kimberly says:

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      1. Frankfurt says:

        Jayashree Prasad Posted on Truly impressed with the site and the ditocadein of KCP. Thank you. Just chanced upon this site. You have no idea how you’ve made my day.Best Regards,Jayashree Prasad

      2. Annika says:

        RE: I’ve stated many times to Tim boerfe that some of his posts come across elitist and not helpful in any way. Particularly those where glee at the downturn can be perceived as Schadenfreude at individuals. The last time I mentioned it was when the topic was bad photos’ of homes for sale and it was clear that the bad photos’ were bad’ because they were of substandard housing and, potentially, substandard education and socio-economic control.It is his blog and he gets to do what he wants, we are guests.Macroeconomic issues always take on a different feel when you show the impact at a microecomic level and hear the stories of individuals. I find the inevitable posts of folks that say I sat out the bubble and rented a shack in the woods’ or I put down 95% of my 30y loan’ as interesting as the stories of the individuals that were negatively impacted but, please, leave out the fingerpointing.As a guest I would like to continue to ask for a little moderation when discussing the insanity that we are going through and have led up to this point and remind people that the individual stories can be hearbreaking independent of whose fault it is.

    4. Muhamad says:

      Damn. That is all I can say. Not bad for some rednecks. I’m suipersrd i missed this one. Should have used a kaiser roll or onion bun. Bun was too small.

      1. Jasmin says:

        Hey Cody, Where did you get that awesome TP pestor on the wall? Its cool. Also, where did you get the picture of the Master Sword on the left? Whenever I find it its too low quality to blow up that big. And that snappy thing you do with your fingers is cool.

    5. Erika says:

      and the boys are a avg. .500 team. they still have the mental miteakss and the dumb penalties but ill take a win any way they can get it. i hate when ppl say the cowboys should be this or that no the cowboys are 4-4. i mean im sure every team could say we should be this and that. and as far as murray dude is a stud. his vision and his balance is amazing. him and felix will be a nice 1-2 punch but this team needs to get healthy once AGAIN!!

      1. Susanna says:

        Steve Posted on Coitus??? You mean, the physical act of love???It may cmfroot you that, as a Vulcan, Saavik would have engaged in the Genesis logjammin under some necessity compulsively, and without joy. These unfortunate souls cannot love in the true sense of the word.

      2. Jean says:

        ok, I got into Kahuna just now and I want you to know that the ONLY reason I did is besauce I got your free ebook during the contest and just finished reading it and was so impressed that I got into Kahuna with no hesitation. Just goes to show that quality free info leads to sales later on!Now I just need to get some coffee and stay up all night learning about what the heck I just bought into! LOLLawn Guys last blog post..

    6. Cezar says:

      1 day if u have reestablished good cridet, and have the equity, figure you will be lucky to get 69% of the loan to value, and if you dont have reestablished great cridet in excess of 720 scores dont bother because it isnt going to happen for u

      1. Rich says:

        RoachieP on May 17, 2010 Whatcha smugglin Shell? LOL..I have to say, it’s gotta be the most stlcpacuear place I have ever seen..well kinda seen!! Breathtaking is right Jason!! Thanks for takin us along! Roe

      2. Bruno says:

        Hello J and partnersI am not one for jupming into all freebies. I recognize a good thing when i see one. my previous attempts at IM have all been a cropper.Maybe, I can start again with an advantage oveer others with yoour give aways.Thank you for the opportunity Best regardsCharles keelPS: These give aways can be a good start for any IM start up also i am without an URL

    7. Saad says:

      These kind of a-holes just do not understand how the Internet works, and the ticenhques that are necessary to bring people to a site, they think you build a site and magically you get traffic, yeah, maybe 10 years ago. It is too bad that often these people are the ones that do not know how to address their ignorance and instead shoot from the belt and attack those of us who are just trying to build and online presence.JR’s Internet Marketing Strategiess last blog post..

  4. Poetry says:

    Wonderful web site. Lots of helpful information here. I am sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you on your effort!

    1. Yasmim says:

      Yes forums can be a prlobem because of unethical marketers but also having been admin for a similar type of forum (a different arthritis related disease that I have) you will always have some that strike out.Part of that comes from people that are in chronic pain and do have a habit of striking out sometimes just because they hurt and want to spread the pain.Just something else to consider especially when dealing in any of the forums where people suffer from chronic pain.Mike Paetzolds last blog post..

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