• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. ryan says:

    STRIPPER alert

    1. Medo says:

      original here: NFL investigating palyers and porn ab The Jet Press | A New York Q&A: Big lineup decisions for week 15? | Jones NY Q&A: Big lineup Video:

    2. Paud says:

      I don’t know but I share your opinion. Johnny U, Raymond Berry and crew were awoseme.What are two of the biggest mistakes in sports? Cutting Lance Armstrong from his cycling team when he got cancer and the Steelers cutting Johnny U the year before he got to Baltimore. These two moves were blunders of epic proportions no doubt.Additional Info: I just found your answer from the Hall of Fame web site and I don’t like what I discovered. The web site lists Johnny U under the Indianapolis Colts franchise section on the web site. The section does have a note mentioning the Baltimore Colts.I don’t know how it is in Canton but the NFL sure botched their Team Name / Identity policy. The name and the city go together. That is so simple yet the money messed things up for the fans once again.

      1. Marta says:

        I am a Kansas City, Missouri resident and just found out via my criedt report that I have a debt of around $130 for Hollywood Video which was added to my criedt report in October 2010. I never recieved any calls or letters for collection and I have NEVER been to, let alone rented, anything from a Hollywood Video. I’m wondering if I have been pulled into this scam and is there a lawsuit in the works for this? I’m in the middle of fixing my criedt and this is NOT helping!

      2. Asma says:

        no we cant but thank you very much for asking. just kddniig, i had to comment im sure somebody will help you out. i expect you mean ps3?

      3. Elena says:

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      4. Jenifer says:

        Helga… thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for conmemting! It means a lot to me to know that you enjoyed it. Please let me know anytime you have thoughts on what I’ve written. I really like to know what Redskins fans – or non-Redskins fans – are thinking. It is an added bonus to my day that you enjoyed the article!Again, thank you so much.Diane

      5. Darko says:

        07.30.07 at 10:23 amJackin’4BeatsAll I know is that this Lo Pan character comes out of thin air in the midlde of a goddamn alley while his buddies are flying around on wires cutting everybody to shreds while he just STANDS there waiting for me to drive my truck straight through him with LIGHT coming out of his mouth!I wonder when will fracture his collarbone again, thus causing BDD to hurl himself off of the next DC overpass?

    3. John says:

      That\’s exactly what they do, check out of of their night time jumps on youutbe, it\’s what they are known for. Same thing happened last year when they did a night jump in the southwest somewhere.

  2. Tevariatua says:

    i felt so badly yesterday when they swehod the MOST ACCURATE PLACE KICKER IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL after he missed the 46 yd field goal. first when he ripped off his helmet and his face was so red (before they were penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct), and then when they swehod him on the sidelines and he was about to cry.i don’t think people are allowed to say that is the easiest position in football – because it’s one of the highest pressure positions… poor guy with the european last name i can’t remember other than it ended with -jagt.

    1. Nikhil says:

      Hi!I liked your blog and I’d like to exchange links with you if polbssie (I’ve already added your link on my blog)I’ve got several others so if you’re interested just let me know by e-mail.

    2. Andrew says:

      07.02.10 at 11:27 amcrispyfalco, you frckiin contrarian. every group ends up having one, but gosh i hope you forget that those meaningless eye rolls become flying elbows after 2 am./realizes hes fictional, but really, whats the difference to us readers?//pls keep them coming, i enjoy shaking my fist at figments

    3. Jonathan says:

      Helga thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for contnemimg! It means a lot to me to know that you enjoyed it. Please let me know anytime you have thoughts on what I’ve written. I really like to know what Redskins fans or non-Redskins fans are thinking and it I’m through the roof if I know someone enjoyed my stuff!Thank you!Diane

  3. games land says:

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    1. Gamze says:

      Notice all the Mexican flags you see at the May Day protests, most far laegrr than American flags. This is from the same people that condemn borders and patriotism. Obviously that only applies to Americans? Absolutely disgusting.

  4. Elande says:

    You make a good point Dan I think this show of arrogance by the NFL shloud prompt the Judge to lift the lockout all this does is enhance the point of the NFLPA by saying that the quality of the league will suffer if the lockout continues. But on a lighter note my Lions will have a chance to get revenge on the Bears for there victories against us last year in front of a national auidience. Prime Time Babyyyyyy.-Rico-#1 Lions fan

  5. Kashyap says:

    What needs to be addressed as far as the Texas unomlpeyment numbers is the fact that Texas employs more low-level income/wage jobs than any other state in the country. Sure, there is less government-defined unomlpeyment, but one ought to look at income distribution of this employment. I would be surprised if Texas wasn’t the state with the most jobs that pay under living wages, which is a huge strike against it considering it boasts the lowest unomlpeyment of the country. Rick Perry = idiot.

  6. Masami says:

    11.07.11 at 2:28 pmStuScottBooyahs“Here’s my pitch, Adam: Nard Dog is a popular olnine sportswriter who’s a little bit obsessive over coffee. Well one day, ol’ Nardy accidentally steps into a time portal and finds himself in NAZI GERMANY!”He stops by the Anne Frank house, which he determines to be quite unimpressive, and then dutifully report’s Frank’s presence to the head of the Gestapo, who is brilliantly played by James Spader.

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