• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Suraj says:

    Regardless, this is just another fun paemxle of the Jets being the classy team we all know and love. Their old quarterback was sexting team employees, their coach is on the internet making foot fetish videos and their new quarterback is picking up women in high school. They got receivers getting arrested for DUI days before a game and only missing a quarter, players harrassing reporters, Antonio Cromartie seducing ladies.

    1. Sandeep says:

      your TV market has 2 teams .The FOX nweotrk has the doubleheader but because the Raiders are at home (CBS game) you will only see 2 games.Home market will only get three games is if the doubleheader nweotrk is the same one that will air the hometown team only if the blackout is lifted..then its shown exclusivly.Since the raigers are home FOX has the doubleheader The 49ers game is the FOX game at 1pm so that leave CBS airing the Raiders game but since it is not a sell out that leaves them with just the indy-jax game to air.

    2. Tasa says:

      Running game is strong this year so thats what to expcet. You have to shut down his run from the beginning, push him back a couple of yards if you can, then they give up running for a couple of quarters. Dilyn was getting bored with the early blowout he started bringing the safety down too much.

    3. SuperBejo says:

      The worst hitting team in the bigs meet the worst pinhcitg team in the bigs. Nothing like the Cubs pinhcitg staff to make an anemic line up look potent. My Giants friend was telling me, watch the Giants will win while scoring 1 or 2 runs’- I say no no friend you are facing Doug Davis today, runs will come. I would rather march a bunch of minor leaguers through the rotation and see if you find someone ready to pitch in the bigs, this Doug Davis is no longer a big league pitcher, he obviously sold his soul for one last W vs the Yankees, it’s over for Mr Davis, time for him to buy a ticket like everyone else if he wants to get into Wrigley.

  2. Cadde says:

    This is an absolutely goofy NFL TV rule. If San Diego cnoant sell out, the city is punished by not showing a game at 10 AM local time (1 PM ET)? It would to make much more sense to say if you can’t sell out your 1 PM (4 PM ET) game, you get no NFL game at 1 PM. That might encourage more fans to attend the games.

  3. Jelena says:

    i live hre in AZ,Pats @ NYJ is a good match-upjst wondering i know the Chargers r black-out how come they still get a game?i thuoght if its black out then no game will be shown?also some parts of CO no game at all?jst post if u know,thnks.

  4. Snehit says:

    I’m not sure what is worse: having to lteisn to Joe Buck for 3 hours or having to watch another game involving NFC East Teams,and then the Bears are on primetime again, just saw them on MNF a few days ago

  5. Afotep says:

    Doc first, let me say I agree that it’s crap a guy like Pena could be worth $10 million. But, in the cuerrnt MLB landscape, a guy who can hit 30-40 HRs with 100+ RBIs (something he’s done 3 of the previous 4 years) that’s going to translate to at least $15mil for 3-4 years. I’ve been quite vocal that I don’t think he’s worth a long term deal, but someone will give him that kind of money. Go back and look, Hendry was wanting to give him a 2-year deal, and he was willing bump up the per year price too (I believe he’d pitched a 2-year $24mil deal to Boras). So yeah, he’s below market right now but he won’t be after this year; and I would argue he’s not worth it THIS year, so he DEFINITELY won’t be worth it next year.

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