• Final NFL Power RankingsIt's tough to keep up with all the action in NFL. Here's your final power rankings of the season.
  1. Subhi says:

    “Fergie doesn’t go around mkanig racial slurs against quarterbacks or playing ‘Barack The Magic Negro’ on the radio.”Hey ‘oily’…. You are as ignorant of facts as the MEDIA. Rush didn’t come up with ‘Barack the Magic Negro’. That was from a piece supporting Obama in one the Dems’ newspapers…the LA Times. He was mkanig fun of them getting a pass on using such racially descriptive metaphors. Why don’t you educate yourself before mkanig yourself into a fool. You don’t know of what you write except to prove the blatant political double standard !!!!!

    1. Ehis says:

      Everything I know about baseball I aeernld by the age of eight. I’ve been seriously watching football for most of the last 20 years (and all of the last 10) and I still get stumped by some penalty call or strategic move at least once a Sunday. I can’t even keep the positions straight in my head half the time.Maybe it’s just that I grew up playing baseball and have never played a single down of organized football, but baseball has always seemed to me an incredibly simple game with easy-to-understand, straight-forward rules and strategy whereas football is something else entirely something complicated and often perplexing.I would like to draw two somethings in red ink. What are you talking about?

    2. Reward says:

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      1. David says:

        Readers,I sincerely aozioglpe for having to take down the post. Believe me, I didn’t want to take it down. But I feel it is my reponsibility to show a bit of gratitude and respect for my source, who went out of their way to give Scrapper Nation this story. I believe it is unacceptable for my insider’s identity to be revealed and I will continue to go to any length to protect their anonymity. My apologies, but atleast all of you now know you were reading the truth and everything in the article was factually correct.

      2. Dibyaraj says:

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    3. Meghla says:

      Has the Kim Jong-il reference been used?The jltunaoisrs without integrity have outdone themselves.If they would reform the government and reduce fraud in Medicare and anchor baby welfare alone, they would have $200 billion to play their games. That is over $6000 per annum available to fund the medical services insurance reform for the 15 million who don’t want it and the 15 million who don’t have it. Surely there is more waste, fraud, and abuse to be found in the federal government and other governmental entities. Just how much money do they need?As for premeditated murder of emergent life I mean pro-choice , why should moral people be forced to become accessories to a crime against humanity? Just because it feels good, doesn’t mean that others should be held responsible for the sexual liaisons of people without any willpower of note. They had several choices and they failed, over, and over, again.

    4. Silvia says:

      search, but I like L Frank. Dynamic guy and fun to talk to. Hope this also means Sully stays. Sean, Life On Dumars: Does the hiring of Frank siagnl any discord in Auburn Hills? Stein seems to imply as much with

    5. Lola says:

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  2. Whydy says:

    It is time to launch a tcyoobt against Dave Checketts and SCP Worldwide. The enabler of Sharpton et. al. must pay.Here is what they do:” SCP Worldwide owns a diverse array of properties that include the National Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues, Scottrade Center, famed Kiel Opera House in St. Louis as well as the Blues’ AHL affiliate Peoria Rivermen. The company also owns and operates Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake and its home – Rio Tinto Stadium – a soccer-specific facility with related entertainment elements in Sandy, Utah as well as KALL700 Sports Radio in Salt Lake City.”Dave Checketts has allowed the Sharptons of the world to throw US in the grease. Checketts has empowered every kook out there to now smear Limbaugh’s entire audience, and that is EXACTLY what Soros and Emanuel will do.Dave Checketts must pay for this. This is horrible, an incredible blow to free speach. He must pay. I know we usually are against tcyoobts, but Checketts alowed himself to be intimidated by Al Sharpton, and he has now made it possible for the Left to brutalize Limbaugh’s listeners and supporters. Just watch. They will now smear us all. The thing to do is to make the cowards pay-Dave Checketts.

    1. Tanya says:

      When I was in high school, we had one male chreeleader, and during school functions everyone would go crazy when he would come out and do all kinds of flippidy dippidy stunts and crap, and he got all the chicks. As long as you’re confident in what you’re doing, and having fun doing it, no one will think down on you, in fact quite the opposite, if you’re good at it.

      1. Jamal says:

        Linds Posted on my only thought on the color schmee is Jesus loves His enemies? swell pics, bro very swell. (ps- you should feel special. your blog is pretty much the only one i ever check regularly.)

    2. Mohd says:

      I feel this is largely miromfisning to someone who doesn’t understand how the frameworks work as the approaches and architectures wildly differ:For example, would fork in two processes and that’s the only reason it won the benchmark. It’s a nice feature but one could argue that this should be handled elsewhere (loadbalancer/clustering).gevent is largely written in C (well, pyrex apparently) and that’s the reason it’s the second fastest (it would clearly win if would run in single process mode).Also, the code approaches differ, some start coroutines/greenlets/whateverlets on a new connection and some don’t. This is a very important difference and the results can differ much depending on this aspect.The error rates worry me – I think it’s a good exercise to find out why they happen. I would add portability and test code coverage to the comparison table.

  3. Kholofelo says:

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    1. Avril says:

      None of that really makes the game of aeasbbll any more complicated than any other sport. That’s just the same sort of statistical analysis that happens any time adults get paid huge amounts of money to play a game. Even something as stupid and boring as soccer features statisticians figuring out how to maximize scoring in given situations.I think what it really comes down to for me in the Which Sport is More Complex? argument is the sheer number of moving bodies in any given play. Every single football play features 22 guys going at it, each doing their individual task. Even the most complex aeasbbll situation numbers-wise (bases loaded), only features 13 active players. And let’s be honest, most of them will just be standing around holding a glove.Of course, I’m having a hard time arguing against aeasbbll. It’s my lifelong favorite sport and I’d take a World Series victory over a Super Bowl win any year (which is good since I’m a Bengals fan).

      1. Sam says:

        I would rather have Scheffler than Olsen anadyy Just look at each individuals running game and that tells you who’s a more complete player. Scheffler will hit DE/LB’s in the mouth, Olsen will go running from them. Scheffler is the guy we need to complete this offensive overhaul.JT im completely with you on this, i would love to see Mays in the first round, but i also wouldnt mind that monster of a guard (from idaho i think). Even if we resign Williams, he can mentor the dude. I also wouldnt mind Spikes if he fell to us. Then in round 2 take best available. If we get a vet TE, it just opens the draft up for us and allows us to draft guys’ based on skill/productivity instead of our needs .things are looking good, go bengals, keep it up.

      2. Nami says:

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      3. Alejo says:

        Screw Brohm. Miami better draft Ryan or I am going to bocmee a Pat’s Fan. I have had enough of not haveing a QB to build a team around. I go to all the BC games and know that Matty Ryan is the real deal. That kid is flat out good. Go to http://www.mattyice.com and check it out your self.

      4. Adem says:

        The benchmarked does NOT proefrk and thus uses only one process. This functionality has only been added very recently to the trunk.I don’t really think it is an issue how a certain framework has been implemented. The end user only cares about the ease of use and its performance. Not wether the heavy lifting is being done by an external library (such as libevent) or an optimized inner loop.I agree with you that there is some inconsistency with the functionality of the different implementations. A more thorough test could make those irrelevant. Ie, instead of a single ping-pong make the respond to multiple ‘ping!’ requests by a single client, each fired with a certain interval.

    2. Nath says:

      Haha, well I am in that same process. Looking for plepoe in my area (so I don’t have to drive to say Aurora) to be able to get with and hone my skilz. I am a cheerleader but my words also sting I think it goes well together. Twice now my critiques have brought someone to tears but in the end, they are better writers when they realize I might be at least a little bit right. And yes, I am right at least 10% of the time it is an opinion game after all

    3. Mamah says:

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  4. Koudai says:

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    1. Arathi says:

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    2. Karoline says:

      For those who are interested, I do not claim to know where Obama was born nor do I preetnd to have any idea what Bush happened to know or not know at any point in time. Nor do I care. All that concerns me is the $955 billion of their combined 2008-2009 stimulus plans, which as a percent of GDP was one-third larger than the first two years of the New Deal.There is really no need for anyone manufacture a reason to justify their decision to not read RGD; if you don’t want to think about the possibility that the reported economic recovery is not real, then don’t read it. You’ll find out soon enough, one way or another. And I would encourage everyone who reads RGD to do so as carefully and as critically as possible. I could certainly be wrong. I rather hope I am wrong No matter what happens, a lot of economists are going to be wrong, as can be seen in the chapter where each of the six most likely scenarios are laid out and some of the better-known adherents of each scenario are listed.Anyhow, for those who doubt my ability to reason on such matters, here is I made in the past. I suggest these may be more relevant to the subject at hand than any amount of kookiness regarding things such as the correct location of the presidential manger.

  5. Eiko says:

    just one who might be to be truthful fruefal of really being set up jail to get articles the idea Fnord in the profit debt would be wise to nearly certainly turn in their valuable pope cardboard at this moment.

    1. Daniel says:

      “…the value of keeping one’s head when eonvyree else is losing theirs applies as well to the field of economics as it does to the field of battle.”Yes, indeed — but if we all “keep our heads,” where will the crisis-loving politicians be? They need a reason to feel important, don’t they? Are we to just sit tight and ride out the storm while our beloved statists’ spines shrivel up from lack of stroking?The original Great Depression was the trigger for “Great Engineer” Herbert Hoover, first of the 20th Century corporatists, to spring into action. He was going to save America the way he’d saved Belgium. We all know how that turned out — but in crippling the American economy still further, he paved the way for the New Deal and the tide of social-welfare fascism that’s swept the nation since then.SO: America may have suffered near-irremediable damage to its freedom and its prosperity, but the suicide-from-despair-of-irrelevance rate among politicians and associated power-mongers plummeted and has remained low ever since!

  6. Sitie says:

    Dolphins Players Upset That Tebow Had His Day In Miami Predominantly OrangeFirst the welcome mat was rthown out for the former Florida Gator as the 2008 National Championship team was honored at halftime. Then it was Tebow guiding the Broncos to a win with less than three minutes left after being 15 points down.

    1. Apiip says:

      @Robert- Ok, your best moment(s) make me want to take a trip to Alaska! It sonuds amazing. You had me when you mentioned whales and sunsets. Wow. I will definitely check out the write up you did. thanks for sharing that link. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing.

  7. Sanjay says:

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  8. Mohit says:

    Good read Joss and thanks for the meotinn :PWe opted to use a noreply for the signup process as we offer a support email address to our users and also provide a bitbucket reporting page for users to log bugs and feedback etc We tried to streamline the process and not swamp users with multiple points of contact and keep it to a singular support email (support@) and a single bugs page.Whilst I see the point your are stressing, I still feel a notification email address used like this still has a place. For example when a user gets a noreply@ email they can be quite certain its a notification of sorts and no action is required on their part etc.. 🙂

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