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  1. Rafael says:

    More questions: Is it just cecniidonce that when the federal disclosure regulations greatly increased to require the NFLPA LM2 report to go from 70+ pages to a 700+ pages (showing way more of those pesky little who got paid how much for what details) that Mr. Meggyesy left his $200,000+ NFLPA job (doing what?) and headed for the hills? And how about Mr. and Mrs. Doug Allen, didn’t they bug out at around that date? Is anyone amazed that Mr. Berthlson remained at the NFLPA in this era of increased transparancy? Does that fire that destroyed computers and hard drives around the time Mr. DeMaurice Smith was coming to the NFLPA figure in here? Who was really running the show then? You can run, we’ll see if you can hide.Bruce JarvisBuffalo Bills 1971-74

    1. Nasser says:

      I have been trying to Gain cesacs to this website for a while. I was using Chrome then when I tried Safari, it worked just great? Just wanted to bring this to your attention. This is really a greatsite. I have a few myself. I really like your layout. I know this is off topic but,did you make this design yourself,or buy from somewhere?

      1. Tisha says:

        08.11.11 at 7:10 pmCity of Industry Football CorporationWhoa, whoa, whoa, I read KSK via RSS all summer and give up on vistniig the site and commenting, only to show up on Day 1 of preseason and the site has turned WHITE? Das racist .

      2. Muh says:

        Aunt Lisa – You look so happy! I am so excited for you and your bride-to-be!!! Jake, you derevse the best that life has to offer you. I’m thrilled you have found the love of your life.

      3. Sissy says:

        Excellent! it is the word that comes in my opinion when I look at your welobg and when I read what you have to say. Your thinking are very a lot as well mine. I pleased that I decided to enter your website to see what you are interested in.

      4. Hideyoshi says:

        Thanks Mark.Kim…snakes are famous for their abiilty to take prey large relative to their own body size, as demonstrated in the pics. As you know, they’re able to do this because of their jaw structure, which isn’t as ‘rigid’ as ours. They can manipulate their jaw bones to accommodate huge prey. However, it’s much more typical for snakes to eat prey items that don’t push them to the limit, so to speak. When a snake tries to eat another large animal, they run the risk that their intended prey turns the tables on them. If they do manage to subdue their prey, they are vulnerable to predators themselves (like hawks) when they go through the long process of trying to swallow it. Finally, after eating something so large the snakes will be slow and again, vulnerable to predation.But, as the pics show, sometimes a large juicy lizard is just too appetizing to pass up.

    2. Muslimah says:

      Jeff plseae plseae be more careful when talking about non famous players. You tend to get names wrong. And since you guys are shifting to be more professional I just thought I’d point out a mistake on your laatest show. You got the name of the backup qb for the bucs wrong. His name is Josh Johnson not whatever you said. Not nick picking just wanna help.

    3. Akbar says:

      Nfl-ally shop sell including, and . We are the pfiaessoonrl jerseys supplier.Our jerseys arethe great quality supply to our great fans.Welcome to visit our site.

    4. Deanisha says:

      Great review, want to check it out wevneher we finally make it to Arizona. It’s surprising how hard it is to find good dino exhibits, considering how much kids (and grown-ups) love them

  2. Ali says:

    I am sad at the commitment the urecrnt players and their attorneys have for us. I know that most people have no defined benefit plan what-so-ever, but while I was in the league (and yes, I was not a super-star and some folks think I have no reason to complain) we helped those before us in the 1987 strike because I remember one of my coaches (Norb Hecker) thanking us for the up in benefit that he received from that strike that we sacrificed for him and his fellow older players’, not to mention the money we lost during that strike.Anyway, that was my thinking at the time, when collective bargaining agreements in the NFL are renewed it usually meant that some additional benefit would come to us former players, after the league was finished with our bodies. But, with today’s players (and I know it is not the feelings of all of them) we are just old guys that should be happy and grateful for whatever we can get. My oh my, if that group could have any empathy for what it is like to live in a beat-up body 20 years older than the average human, then they might understand. This is my personal opinion and I am not speaking for the entire group of alumni. It saddens me.May your God or gods go with you. I’m done.

    1. Nich says:

      i live in ahwatukee foltlihos (part of phoenix) and i go to the kyrene/tempe high school district. its one of the better districts in the city, along with chandler and a few others. i’ve never been to boston, but my sister has (she went in february and it SNOWED! sorry just exciting i’ve only seen snow twice in flagstaff and denver )i’ve lived here my whole life (minus the first year in colorado but i don’t really remember that ) and the weather is pretty harsh. right now its exactly 100.4, high 100 (temps courtesy of my macbook) and the air is always really dry. it’s not hard to get heatstroke or dehydration if you’re outside too long, so be prepared. i know people who moved here during the summer and hated it because it’s usually around 112 in july/august, pretty hot for them, but they get used to it.winters here are pretty disappointing, especially when you’re used to a white christmas every year. what’s the point of having to wear a jacket outside when there’s a 0% chance of snow?also, it depends on where in arizona you’ve been to, because the weather really changes from city to city here.well, good luck moving!

    2. Ali says:

      . But how candid and intcesportive it is. This is a bit of Bill Walsh bearing his soul. It clearly shows his drive and creativity but it also shows his loneliness and insecurity. Is is also very direct and candid about the people around him. He doesn’t hold back his praise or criticism of anybody, including himself. I’m not sure what to make of this book. There are some leadership lessons weaved into lots of personal stories. But that doesn’t really seem to be what it is about overall. It is quite a life story. I’m left with a strange feeling. I think I know a lot more about Bill Walsh now but I’m not sure if I feel happy or sorry for him. You decide.

  3. Ernesto says:

    08.05.11 at 2:53 pmcuzzzI rebemmer as kids me and brian russell were neighbors and used to play at his house because he had the bomb backyard. We’d be there everyday and everyday he would start crying over the smallest things. We’d make fun of him just joking around and he’d start crying and go inside and tell his parent’s then we’d get in trouble for it. Mind you we were about 12 or 13 at the time, yet he’d cry like a 5 year old! Fun times! How did he make the NFL?

    1. cuneyt says:

      I haven’t seen much out of Brown to indicate he’s cabplae of anything more than a backup role at the moment, but he does have his supporters. BLD’s own Matt Cooper is a staunch Brown advocate, naming him one of his 10 Playersa0Most Likely to Break Out in 2011.

    2. Heis says:

      Can’t help unless we know what state you are in. If it’s Florida, this wsbeite may be able to help:If it’s another state, then do a search for [[INSERT YOUR STATE HERE]] Bankruptcy Law.

    3. Sylvie says:

      Big difference it the type of pleope you have in Boston compared to Arizona. Boston is very very liberal and very anti gun. Arizona at least until we have some more outsiders move here wanting to change the lifestyle to like the state they came from is still conservative and pro self defense and gun. Might be best to stay put

    4. Diana says:

      My boys love dinosaurs and are cotennt to hang out at the Natural History Museum of L.A. for quite a while. But, honestly, this place looks like it has a lot more to offer. I’m adding it to my adventuring list for our trip to Arizona next year for Dodger’s spring training camp! 🙂

  4. Bruno says:

    01.03.09 at 2:12 amyournamehereA few years ago I was odiutse the stadium before a Chargers game and the Chargers Girls were working the crowd. Holy Jesus, that was the hottest collection of women I’ve ever seen in one place.But they’re a fantasy to a guy like me. In reality, give me a fifth of bourbon and a sack of flour and I’d do that Steelers chick.

  5. Artesanato says:

    Hier sind die Ergebnisse der 8. Woche der National Football League (NFL). Sehen Sie vielleicht auch die NFL Ergebnisse der 7. Woche.

  6. Surya says:

    First of all worry about a job. Get a decent apeatmrnt or one of those extended living places. Then find a realtor to help you locate a community near there you can afford and meets your criteia. Scottsdale and Cave Creek can be very expensive. You want to live reasonably close to your job because commuting here can be a nightmare. We are the fifth largest city in the USA.

  7. Yoonkul says:

    Aunt Sally – Love, love, love these pictures! It’s hard to even pick a ftrvoiae! Can’t wait to meet the beautiful girl who’s won over my handsome nephew!! XOXO

  8. Gabriella says:

    In deciding to which neelwstter to subscribe, is there a difference in target audience for the Awake at 3 o’clock vs. Awake at 2 o’clock ? Does the time change depending on business growth stage? Age of the owner? What she ate for dinner?

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