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Tailgating Advice

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Five People You Don’t Want At Your Super Bowl Party

You can't always control who comes to your Super Bowl party. Check out the 5 people you definitely don't want to show up.

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Top 10 Best Tailgating Schools

College football wouldn’t be the same without a little pregame tailgate. Here are the 10 best tailgating schools worth checking out!

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Top 10 Tailgating “Don’ts”

Don’t be “that guy” when tailgating. Here are the top 10 “don’ts” to keep in mind at your next tailgate. You’re welcome.

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The Makings Of A Tailgate – One Man’s Perspective

The four ingredients for a great tailgate are food, booze, friends and women. But how do you convince the non-football fan to go?

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Top 10 Tips For First-Time Tailgaters

Tailgating is serious business. Proper training (e.g. reading this article) will guarantee your first tailgate is an epic success.


The Super Bowl of Feasts

By Christian S. Kohl The Super Bowl represents the lone day of the year where the best tailgate possible may well take place from the comforts of your own home as opposed to right outside […]

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Die Hard Fans Tailgating The NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs have concluded and the Big Game players have been selected. Check out how the nation tailgated leading up to the biggest professional stage in sports….

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End of Game Celebrations

By: Christian S. Kohl We’ve all been there. You set aside an entire, glorious weekend day. Arrive at the stadium hours before game time and enjoy a spectacular tailgate as the sun reaches its highest […]

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Everyday Life Is A Party Too

By Christian S. Kohl Fans come from far and wide to gather and tailgate for some of life’s most exciting events. What better way to savor the anticipation of a highly awaited game other than […]

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Essential Playoff Tailgating Tips

Your team made the playoffs. Congratulations. You scored tickets to the game? Well that deserves a celebration. As winter sets in, the NFL cookout staple of tailgating becomes as much about surviving as it does […]

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Tailgating For The Whole Family

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition, handed down through the generations of fans who enjoy flame-kissed meat, coolers of beer, and outdoor parties just as much as they love rooting on their beloved teams. I mean […]