“Will you be grilling at the tailgate?” This isn’t a question often heard in the days/hours leading up to the festivities. Not because it’s not important… it is. But because the assumed answer is always “yes.”

Grilling, of course, involves a lot of standing by the grill waiting for food to cook. Sometimes guests join you; sometimes they leave you to it. Either way, you — host and master of the grill — are stuck there. But what if you could just walk away, get a drink, mingle a bit and come back when the food is done? Now you can…

iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer ($99.99)

The iGrill2 Bluetooth thermometer has four probes to monitor the temperatures of four different foods at the same time. Mount the device to any magnetic surface and monitor the various temperature readings on the LED display.

Or just walk away.

The iGrill will send alerts to your smartphone — provided you downloaded the app (iOS/Android), of course — when the grilling food is ready. The Bluetooth signal can reach 150 feet, and the battery life is enough to get you through the grilling season. So go enjoy the party. iGrill will tell you when you’re needed back at the grill.

Buy the iGrill2 Bluetooth thermometer.

iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer

Photo Credit: iDevices

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum ($249)

Good food, good friends, good fun… that’s the stuff of a great tailgate. But all great tailgates must come to an end. And once the party is over, there is always lots of cleaning up to do. Needless to say, much of that work falls to the host.

But you have a helper. The Dyson V6 Trigger is a handheld vacuum with triple the sucking power of its closest competitor. This handheld, freed up from a vacuum bag, can reach into places most vacuums can’t go. Dig crumbs out of crevices, food out of corners, tidbits out of car seats. It can go 20 minutes on a charge, which should be way more than enough time to do the job. With various attachments, cleanup is a snap. Heck, it’s almost fun… almost.

Buy the V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum.

What are your go-to tailgating devices? Let us know in the comment section below.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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