Summer parties don’t stay in the house. They may never even make it inside. So there have to be plenty of drink choices for guests spending a day in the sun. And a few cans of beer and soda just won’t cut it. There are plenty of great wine choices to accompany whatever is coming off the grill.

Wine has lost much of its undeserved stigma, and guests will probably be expecting it as a drink option. If you don’t offer it up, you’ll only have yourself to blame. Luckily good wine doesn’t have to be expensive, nor do the accessories needed to serve it. Here are a few to get you started…

Alessi Alessandro M. Corkscrew ($52.00)

To drink anything, you’ll obviously need to open the bottle. Do it right with the Alessi Alessandro M. Corkscrew. Place this little guy in position over the cork, turn his head and then pull his arms. That’s one less cork to worry about and one full bottle to drink.

Buy the Alessi Alessandro M. Corkscrew.

Nicholas VinOair Wine Aerator

Photo Credit: Cork Pops

Nicholas VinOair Wine Aerator ($19.99)

Even non-wine connoisseurs know that letting wine “breathe” will make it taste better (especially if you’ve dropped a few dollars on the extra-good stuff). But who really wants the hassle? Let the VinOair Wine Aerator do it for you. Small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, this little gadget can also pour the wine and stop the drips.

Buy the Nicholas VinOair Wine Aerator.

VinOice Wine Chiller ($18.95)

You can’t drink the whole bottle all at once. Well, maybe you can, but you probably shouldn’t. The VinOice Wine Chiller can keep an open bottle cool on on a hot day. Pull it out of the freezer and fit it into the bottle; the food-grade chill rod will keep the wine at a drinkable temperature.

Buy the VinOice Wine Chiller.

Nostalgia Electrics 8-Bottle Wine Chiller ($119.99)

You never know when you’ll need another bottle of wine… or four. So best to have a lot of extra on hand. It’s kind of like beer in that way. But where to put it all? The Nostalgia Electrics 8-Bottle Wine Chiller is where. Just plug it in and set the thermostat. Every bottle of wine will be ready to drink the moment it’s needed.

Buy the Nostalgia Electrics Wine Chiller.

What wine accessories do you find most useful? Let us know in the comments below.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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