A billiards champ has his stick. The ping-pong master has his paddle. The super ninja has, well, whatever it is that super ninjas have. (The best ones are so quick that you never see them.) What do you — master of fire, griller of goodness — have in your arsenal?

Your answer better be the Carbon Fiber 6-Piece Tool Set, or you have something more to learn about the delicious art of grilling. All the necessary grilling tools are represented: 4-in-1 spatula, tongs, silicone basting brush, grill brush (with a replacement head). Each is made of stainless steel, and large enough to avoid nasty burns. And with their mirror polish, which fights off rust and corrosion, they look good working the grill. Tailgates travels, so the tools come in a spiffy carbon fiber-style carrying case. It’s a safe and secure way to transport what you’ll need onsite, without the extra bulk.

Buy the Carbon Fiber 6-Piece Tool Set.
Buy the Steak Champ Steak Thermometer.

Steak Champ 3-color Steak Thermometer

Photo Credit: Steak Champ

You’re still missing one key weapon in your holster, the one way to know for sure that the meat is cooked the way you want it: the Steak Champ Steak Thermometer. It looks like a stainless steel spike, with an end sharp enough to drive into piece of raw meat pre-grill, if necessary. Then, onto the grill it goes. Keep your eye on the LED light sensor built into the exposed end of the thermometer. Wait until the desired color shows up and then plate it; green means medium rare, yellow medium and red medium well.

Because meat continues to cook even after it’s been taken off the heat, the LEDs will keep flashing till the meat’s ready for consumption. The thermometer is monitoring the meat from within along its entire length. The Steak Champ is battery powered, and should last up to 1000 uses. So once removed and cleaned off, it can be inserted into another piece of meat. It works for anything from beef and chicken to duck and salmon, cooked on anything from grills and hibachis to ovens and stoves.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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