How do I keep up with it all? This is a question many of us ask ourselves every day, sometimes without an answer. Technology can make our lives harder or easier, or both. It really just depends on the context.

Suppose it’s tailgate time, and you’re hosting… not an unlikely scenario. There’s food to grill, drinks to serve, guests to entertain. And then there’s the smartphone beckoning from your pocket, with email after text message after status alert. Something has to give, or does it?

Move the device — or at least its functionality — to your wrist, with the Cogito Pop, a smart Bluetooth-connected watch. This handy little device works with your Apple or Android smartphone, making all that functionality even more accessible. The watch has an analog dial that tells time as well as icons, beeps and vibrations that keep you current with a glance at your wrist. Once paired by Bluetooth, it will notify you of missed calls, incoming texts and emails, calendar entries and social media alerts. It will even give a heads up should you and your smartphone part ways.

Buy the Cogito Pop Bluetooth-Connected Smartwatch.

Cogito Bluetooth-connected smartwatch

Photo Credit: Cogito

The Cogito Pop’s functionality doesn’t end with notifications. The watch lets you control the music streaming to the speakers from your pocket. It can remotely take selfies with the phone’s camera. A built-in activity monitor will even track your movements and show just much trouble you went through to show your guests a good time. The watch has a battery that lasts up to a year. And it’s waterproof, so it can easily withstand beer spills and all the other tailgating elements.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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