By Brittany Frederick

NASCAR heads to Arizona’s Phoenix International Raceway (PIR) this weekend for the 500. PIR is a very unique venue for race fans to tailgate, with the stunning Arizona backdrop — and the weather that comes with it. So make sure that you stay hydrated and bring your sunscreen!

But the heat isn’t all that’s important on race weekend. To make the most out of your Phoenix experience, you have to be well-informed. Before heading to Arizona on Sunday, check out these Fast Facts.

1. Don’t forget your paperwork

Phoenix International Raceway requests that all tailgaters print and complete their release forms before arriving at the track. This ensures that everyone has read the fine print in advance and also speeds up the process of getting everyone to their spaces on race day. You don’t want to be the guy or gal holding up the line.

Fans look on during the NASCAR Nationwide Series WYPALL 200 at Phoenix International Raceway.

Photo Credit: Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images for NASCAR

2. Respect the neighbors

PIR is strict about not allowing vehicles to be staged/parked on roads around the venue at any time. If you violate this rule, your RV might end up being towed rather than parked at the track! This also means that when planning your race day schedule, if you are planning to stage your RV, make sure you arrive during the staging time period (which will be posted online).

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3. Consider buying a reserved space

Unreserved RV parking at PIR can be tricky. As with most tracks, the unreserved spaces are first come, first served — which means you’ll have to get there early. On top of that, saving spaces for others is strictly prohibited. So if you’re tailgating with friends and want to be together, you’ll all have to arrive at the same time. We strongly recommend alleviating the headache and just going for a reserved space.

Fans watch race action during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AdvoCare 500 at Phoenix International Raceway.

Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

4. There is a supermarket

The most unique feature of PIR is that it has its own supermarket on track property. If you forget anything or just have a craving for something specific, you can pick it up at the Safeway Track Store. You can even go visit the in-store café to pick up your morning coffee and socialize with other fans. It’s an awesome addition to the tailgating experience.

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5. Make sure you pack up quickly

Much like a hotel, PIR has a hard check-out time. RVs must be packed up and out of the venue by noon on the final day of racing. It’s safe to figure there will be a line to get out, so if you want to make the cut-off time and beat the traffic, you should consider getting out as soon as possible.

Complete RV and camping information, including maps and parking details, is available at the PIR website. The 500 takes place this Sunday, March 15.

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