No self-respecting tailgate will ever be quiet. People are enjoying themselves, crunching on food and sloshing down drinks; the TV is blasting. It’s noisy… the best parties usually are.

So you pull out your phone, hit the playlist and send the music over to your stereo. But you can’t hear it without standing right next to the speakers. That’s a problem, since you obviously won’t be lingering in one place the whole time. Luckily, when tailgaters have a problem, Tailgate Fan has a solution.

A portable Bluetooth speaker lets you bring the music along as you mingle, or reposition the sound as needed. The palm-sized Braven’s LUX Wireless HD Bluetooth Speaker has a lot going for it.

Buy the Braven LUX Wireless HD Bluetooth Speaker. Gear: Take The Music With You

For one thing, it’s a good-looking party accessory with its très chic design (especially compared to those plain black speakers) in metallic purple, gold or white. The LUX is lighter than it looks, making it easy to carry around. And the shockproof construction also includes high-level waterproof protection (IPX5). Just keep the end cap on when you don’t need to access the side-mounted controls, and it will laugh off any beverage that lands on it (though sticky soda should be wiped off, stat).

Braven's LUX Wireless HD Bluetooth Speaker

Photo Credit: Braven

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Powered by a 1400 mAH  rechargeable battery, the LUX can stay on and stay strong all party long (up to 12 hours). There’s even a built-in noise-canceling mic and speakerphone. The sound is loud and clear, and two speakers can be wirelessly paired up to play tunes in stereo. The LUX will even act as a Bluetooth bridge, so whatever is streaming can be transferred to a more powerful amplifier or pair of powered speakers using an auxiliary out.

The LUX has one last trick up its sleeve — the battery inside also works as a power bank charger for plugging in a mobile phone. Because, as we all know, the batter charger always seems to get left behind. With the LUX at your tailgate, you won’t care.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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