So you’re tired of going to lame Super Bowl parties and want to host your own? That means you get the fun of being in charge of who gets invited and what they’ll find when they come over to your house. Throwing a good party isn’t just about making sure your guests enjoy themselves — it also has to be about YOU enjoying yourself. That means finding ways to avoid being the waiter and the bartender. So let’s break down what you’ll need to make your Super Bowl party not just super for everyone.

Libbey 7 piece football drinking set

Photo Credit: Libbey

We’ll start with drinks — because nobody expects to carry around an empty glass. But there’s also no way you’re going to be running after people to fill them, not if they can serve themselves. Get the party mood going with the Libbey Football Pitcher and Tumbler Set. Fill up the 60-ounce pitcher with beer and let others refill their football-shaped tumblers (23 ounces each). Everything is dishwasher safe too, so you’ll save time on clean up at the end of the night.

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Of course some people won’t want beer, or cannot be trusted with glass — the reason paper and plastic cups were invented. The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser can accommodate beer or soft drinks or even iced tea — 80 ounces worth — and has built-in lighting to call attention to where it’s sitting and show off what’s inside. Best of all is that the inner cylinder, once frozen in the freezer, keeps the contents cool without using ice. You wouldn’t put ice in your beer so why dilute it first? And of course the tap on the front is always ready to be pulled.

BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser

Photo Credit: Tavern Toys

But what if you have to serve some really picky people who don’t want the same drinks as everybody else? (Every party has a few of those.) Rather than mixing up something special, and missing some of the action, just point them to the Jumbl Stackable 3-Tier Beverage Dispenser. There are three separate compartments to fill with different drinks (1 gallon for each), and the base takes crushed ice to keep everything cool. There’s even integrated inner shafts that run through the center of each tier that can be filled with cold water or crushed ice for cooling from the inside out.

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Since coffee always goes down good regardless of what time it is, stand up the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System in a corner, put out the K-cups and let everybody serve themselves. It also dispenses hot water for those preferring tea, and has a charcoal water filter inside and an extra-large reservoir holding 80 ounces of water to avoid frequent refilling. There’s a back-lit LCD display too.

Cuisinart coffee machine

Photo Credit: Cuisinart

Still you might find that serving the crowd helps you socialize with everyone and make sure the party doesn’t flag. For that, go Ghostbusters style. We don’t mean an unlicensed Proton pack though. You’ll make more friends with Wyndham House’s Dual Tank Double Beverage Dispenser Backpack. Each tube holds almost four quarts, and the nozzle is ready whenever a cup appears. There’s even a mesh cup pocket so you can carry along something for yourself. And in an emergency you can just load up and put on the EZ Drinker 12-Pack Beer Belt Bandolier and let your guests pull out a can for themselves.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.

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