After traveling the country for 17 consecutive weeks with my friend and Tailgate Fan Pro co-creator, Alan Harris, no one can tell us we’re not game for anything. But when it comes to eating… we’re a little more selective about what we put in our mouths…

Cajun food menu

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

Ya crazy Cajun kooks… alligator, frog and turtle are for a petting zoo, not my dinner plate!


The thing is we love to eat, so we eat locally every week… at a Chili’s, a Chipotle and a Denny’s.

Jerry Miller gives thumbs up

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Easy on the spinach artichoke dip, Tons of Fun!


That’s right, every week of this football season we ate at Chili’s on Saturday night…

Alan Harris gets beers at Chili's

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

Looks like Alan’s thirsty! Actually, the best part of this pic is not Alan double-fisting a couple of happy hour pints… it’s the dude with the mullet-beard in the background.

Mullet beard guy eats at Chili's

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

Hey, you never know when Captain Mullet-beard’s gonna be at Chili’s!


Denny’s on Sunday morning before the shoot…

Jerry Miller eats burger at Denny's

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

I’m so excited about that burger I’m scaring myself.

See where Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan went this season.

Shoot an episode of Tailgate Fan…

Jerry Miller and Texans fans tailgate

Photo Credit: Greg Winston

And wrangle some great fans!


Then eat at Chipotle on Sunday afternoon after the shoot.

Jerry Miller as Jaguar Hunter eats at Chipotle

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Nothing like staying in the Jaguar Hunter costume to look sexy at Chipotle!


Although, if I had to choose just one, it would have to be the place where you are always welcome…

Denny's sign misspelled

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

Ok… Almost always welcome!


But I do have to give them praise…

Family praying at Denny's

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

And I’m not the only one… You know, the family that prays together, stays together.


But if you want to tailgate your tailgate…

Tailgating waitress at Denny's

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

Denny’s is always ready!

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