If there’s one guy who can disappear into a character, it’s that chameleon Jerry Miller. Here is an abbreviated list of our favorite fun facts about the comedian who likes to play dress up!


Did you know that Jerry is a hardcore rapper?

Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan New York Giants rapper

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

He learned everything he knows from Walter Payton and the Super Bowl Shuffle!


He even dreams of one day being on Broadway…

Jerry Miller Bengals The Musical Tailgate Fan

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

…In the sequel to Cats called Bengals!


Is Jerry a Sinner or a Saint?

Jerry Miller New Orleans Saints Tailgate Fan

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Your guess is as good as ours… But he does love to wear skintight body gloves.


As a kid, he liked to spend time with his Grandma…

Jerry Miller Kathy Cat Lady

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Now he just dresses up like her!


She always used to say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away…”

Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan New York Giants pig roast

Photo Credit: Ryan LaMarca

…But it didn’t keep our host with the most from becoming a roast!

See when Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan will be near you.

He also makes sure to get lots of vitamins, especially vitamin D.

Jerry Miller spray tan Tailgate Fan

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Hey, just save some spray tan for the rest of the Jersey Shore!


Jerry is especially good at blending into his surroundings to acquire free drinks…

Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan cactus

Photo Credit: Heather Brown

Alright maybe that’s a little sneaky, but we’ll cut him a break… He’s a thirsty cactus!


The thing is, Jerry can’t hold his liquor.

Jerry Miller Congressman Von Grissma Tailgate Fan Washington Redskins

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

He has, however, held public office.


He’s also held up a plane…

Jerry Miller Filght Attendent Tailgate Fan New York Jets

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

By grabbing two beers and pulling the evacuation slide to sweet boozy freedom!


At this point, Jerry has so many costumes, he’s thinking of opening a Halloween store!

Jerry Miller Country Singer Tailgate Fan

Photo Credit: Logan Winton

You should see all the denim he owns!

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