There’s nothing like the smell of 30 pounds of pork tenderloin and 70 pounds of chicken wings cooking on the grill, as the sun rises over the asphalt in a stadium parking lot on Sunday…

Meat on grill at Arizona Cardinals tailgate

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

And like any good meat-atarian, I get there early to start shooting the shenanigans. But, after this week, I will never take another tailgate for granted as long as I live!

Jerry Miller dressed as cub scout on Tailgate Fan

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Cub Scout’s honor!


That’s because after a tender hour and a half of shooting Tailgate Fan at University of Phoenix Stadium… We got plucked hard!

Jerry Miller and Birdman at Arizona Cardinals tailgate

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Like a dominatrix birdman!


After trailing us for 15 minutes, security kicked us out of the stadium lots because we were deemed a security threat, on account of the upcoming Super Bowl. The No Fun League strikes again…

Jerry Miller drinks Kool Aid at Arizona Cardinals tailgate

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

Okay, that was a little fun. What can I say… I drank the Cardinals Kool-Aid!

See when Jerry Miller and Tailgate Fan will be near you.

But, to top off our ejection, we had planned to make a Chaplin-esque silent film. You know, just your typical “Guy-can’t-get-into-a-tailgate-so-he-dresses-up-as-a-Cactus-and-falls-in-love-story.”

Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan dressed as cactus

Photo Credit: Heather Brown

Apropos of our current situation.


Also, it was the perfect week to challenge Nick Stevens, host of Tailgate Fan College, to a walk off to see who logs the most miles on game day!

Jerry Miller Tailgate Fan Miles count

Photo Credit: Jerry Miller

Guess who won?


For a more detailed depiction of our tailgating trials and tribulations, here is a map.

Tailgate Fan Phoenix map

Photo Credit: Alan Harris and Jerry Miller

Nothing like shooting a Tailgate Fan episode in a church parking lot, followed by a mall parking lot and a Wal-Mart parking lot! So, as thanks for keeping this episode from being a complete fail-gate, here’s a special shout to Shelby at the church across the street from Gate 3, to Auntie Em’s for making those great pretzels these many years and Sam Walton for making parking lots so big that they need park benches!?!


And they tailgated happily ever after!

Jerry Miller cactus happy ending

Photo Credit: Alan Harris

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