The RV is often an integral part of the tailgate. It might be the ride to the game. It might be tailgating central on the day of the game. It might be the hotel where you sleep off the day’s festivities. In some weather, it may even house the actual tailgate. Regardless the RV — if you’re lucky enough to have one — can take your tailgate to the next level. It just needs a little help. Tailgate Fan has some suggestions on how to stack your RV tailgate.

RV mounted BBQ Motorhome gas grill

Photo Credit: RVTravelMats

RV-Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grill ($299.99)

Party up front, BBQ in the back, since that’s where this gas grill gets mounted. Use it with an RV’s self-contained LP gas system or a portable 16 oz. propane cylinder. It’s a complete grilling station comes with an upper deck and an adjustable flame controller for evenly covering all 214 square inches of grilling surface. Disconnect it from the bracket when the party’s over; the dual-locking lid makes for secure storage.

Buy the RV-Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grill.

Yantouch Diamond+ BlackDiamond+

Photo Credit: Yantouch

Yantouch BlackDiamond+ Portable Wireless Speaker ($199.99)

A portable speaker needs to have more than  loud and clear speakers and a built-in woofer tube. It needs a long-life rechargeable battery (as in up to 10 hours) and Bluetooth so anybody in range can share their tunes. An ambient light show is nice too. The Yantouch BlackDiamond portable speaker has your party covered.

Buy the Yantouch BlackDiamond+ Portable Wireless Speaker.

Satechi USB Air Purifier & Fan 1

Photo Credit: Satechi

Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan ($49.99)

The mark of a successful tailgate party might be to have a lot of people jammed together in one place. But that doesn’t mean you have to personally inhale the fragrance of each and every one. So plug this 2-in-1 air purifier and fan into a USB port and let the filter clean and clear the air. Then pull it out like an accordion so that it can blow the air around. The fan’s so quiet you won’t hear it above the din.

Buy the Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan.

NFL Rush Zone board game

Photo Credit: University Games

NFL Rush Zone Board Game ($39.99)

Warm up for the tailgate and the game with the NFL Rush Zone Board Game. Make bold decisions and strategic moves (and put your friends in their place) while guiding your favorite team to victory. (If they can’t win on the field, at least they can win in the RV.) Swap out end zones and mascots. Up to six people can play.

Buy the NFL Rush Zone Board Game.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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