The tension always builds in early April. Sixty-four teams have been reduced to four, and now two. Who will triumph? Can I still win the office pool and retire to a beachfront cottage in Hawaii, or at least treat everyone to the first round at happy hour? These questions and many others will be answered tonight.

But one question can be answered now: are you ready to party championship style? If not, Tailgate Fan can help. And even if you are, Tailgate Fan can make your party a little better. Here’s some gear to help you score points with your friends tonight.

Venturer Undercabinet Kitchen LCD TV-DVD Combo

Photo Credit: Venturer

Venturer Under-Cabinet Kitchen LCD TV/DVD Combo ($299.99)

The trouble with hosting is having to serve (not to mention pay for) food and drinks. And the trouble with serving is having to go into the kitchen at key moments during the game. You can’t see the TV from the kitchen. That’s why you need this 15” LCD widescreen TV which swings down from under the cabinet. Keep up with the game without shirking your hosting duties. It also comes with a built-in AM/FM radio and DVD player for those rate moments when sports aren’t happening. The remote’s even magnetic, so it can stay attached to the fridge until needed.

Buy the Venturer Under-Cabinet Kitchen TV.

Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist-Shaped Drink Kooler

Photo Credit: Big Mouth Toys

Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist-Shaped Drink Kooler ($15.99)

Sometimes you have to protect your drink, but holding it won’t keep it cool. In fact the heat from your hand will warm it up. So keep it cool with the kooler and let be known that it not be touched. Never again worry about stepping away to use the bathroom and returning to a ring of condensation where your drink used to be.

Buy the Giant Fist-Shaped Drink Kooler.

Grace Digital 3-Play Jukebox Bluetooth Adapter

Photo Credit: Grace Digital

Grace Digital 3-Play Jukebox Bluetooth Adapter ($99.99)

Just because you’re hosting, doesn’t mean you have to play DJ too. Let three of your guests provide music from their phones. This bluetooth adapter can pair with three different devices at the same time and stream them wirelessly to speakers. Just plug it in and play. Your guests can take turns picking the tunes. The Jukebox automatically shifts to whichever playlist is playing. It runs off its own battery or plugs it into a USB power supply and supports aptX, AAC and SBC high bit rate formats for better sound quality.

Buy the Grace Digital Jukebox Bluetooth Adapter.

Cookie Gallery Basketball Cookies

Photo Credit: Cookie Gallery

Cookie Gallery Basketball Cookies ($29.99)

Anyone who doesn’t have cookies at their party doesn’t know how to throw a party. Everyone scores with a mouthful of these individually sealed 4” vanilla sugar cookies shaped as orange basketballs. Baked fresh and hand decorated, each is made from all-natural ingredients, certified Kosher, nut-free, and ready to be devoured.

Buy the Cookie Gallery Basketball Cookies.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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