Winter has yet to give way to spring, unless you’re a baseball fan. Major League teams reported to spring training recently to prepare for the upcoming season, which is only a few weeks away. And a lucky few fans have followed them, or plan to shortly.

Spring training is a baseball fan’s dream. Watching practices and games doesn’t cost a bundle and affords the opportunity to get close to the game and its players. Technology can help, whether you’re at the ballpark or back in the hotel room. And Tailgate Fan has some of the gear you’ll need for your trip.

Smartphone Universal Camera Lens Kit 2

Photo Credit: Eco-Fused

Smartphone Universal Camera Lens Kit ($89.99)

Smartphone cameras won’t get you that close-up shot of the players. For that you need a long zoom — like 12X. But at that range, keeping the camera steady becomes an issue. So you’ll also need a mini-tripod. The SmartPhone Universal Camera Lens kit provides everything you need to take professional-quality pictures with the device in your pocket. That includes four lenses and a universal camera case/lens holder for screwing them on.

Buy the Smartphone Universal Camera Lens Kit.

Pyle Gator Speaker

Photo Credit: Pyle

Pyle Gator Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($69.99)

Sitting up in the stands, you and your buddies may still need a way to follow the action. Link up any Bluetooth device to this speaker so everyone can listen to the broadcast. Designed for showers, Pyle’s Gator Sound speaker gets the job done on the field (okay, near the field). Hang it anywhere; the 25 hours of rechargeable battery life will get you through a day in the sun. Even a little rain won’t put a damper on the party.

Buy the Pyle Gator Sound Speaker.

Satechi Smart TV Box

Photo Credit: Satechi

Satechi Smart TV Box ($119.99)

Being away from home doesn’t mean you can’t keep up on TV. Hook up this Android-powered Wi-Fi box to any TV and stream movies and shows, run apps or play games, all on a big screen. Dual antennas and a fast processor keep things moving quickly. Setup and take-down are also a breeze.

Buy the Satechi Smart TV Box.

iSmartAlarm Home Security System

Photo Credit: iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm Home Security System ($349.00)

You know that nagging feeling that something back home isn’t right? Well forget that, put your smartphone on the case and forget about it. This home security system will notify you if a window or door is open. Check the room by panning/tilting the camera remotely. Motion and contact-sensors take care of the rest. No contracts, no fees and no wires mean no worrying about the setup either. Now back to the action on the field.

Buy the iSmartAlarm Home Security System.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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