<a href="/tag/marshal-m-rosenthal/">By Marshal M. Rosenthal

A tailgate party is never static — the more people laughing, joking, eating, drinking and moving around, the better. But that makes capturing those great moments for posterity (or proof) a lot harder. Many of us have mobile devices, but they’re not always at the ready.

Don’t worry about fumbling in your pocket when you can have a camera already recording the events. Here’s what you need to make sure that when something worth remembering happens, you’ve captured it.

Veho Micro Digital Camera

Photo Credit: Veho

Veho Micro Digital Camcorder ($99.99)

Keep on the move with this mini-sized rechargeable video-cam. It fits in your palm and records up to three hours on a 2GB micro SD card. Want more time? Add a bigger card. It also connects to a PC for use as a webcam. Clip it to your shirt or hat or wherever and let the voice-activated function turn it on and off. Keep your hands free for tailating.

Buy the Veho Micro Digital Camcorder.

SpyNet Stealth Video Glasses

Photo Credit: SpyNet

SpyNet Stealth Video Glasses ($39.99)

Wear these video glasses and capture anything you might see. How could recording the festivities possibly be any simpler than that? Just pass around the glasses to get the view of everyone at the tailgate. Maximum capacity is about 20 minutes of video or 200o pics. So once you reach the limit, everything can be uploaded to a computer via USB cable.

Buy the SpyNet Stealth Video Glasses.

Looxcie 3 POV Camera

Photo Credit: Looxcie

Looxcie 3 Streaming and Recording POV Camera ($99.99)

Catching just the right moment used to be impossible; now it’s a cinch. The rechargeable HD camera you’re wearing can be shooting and storing video to a micro SD card — or wirelessly streaming to Facebook or to the Cloud — at all times. Smartphone app integration takes care of the viewfinder and remote control so you don’t have to touch it at all.

Buy the Looxcie 3 Streaming and Recording POV Camera.

iVUE HD Sport Camera Glasses

Photo Credit: iVUE

iVUE HD Sport Camera Glasses ($139.00)

Slip on these rechargeable high-def 720p sunglasses, and you’ll not only look cool, but also be ready to catch somebody doing something video-worthy. After all, it’s only a matter of time at a tailgate. Built-in video stabilization corrects for image blur. Record up to two hours of video and plug into your TV for easy playback.

Buy the iVUE HD Sport Camera Glasses.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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