The Winter Olympics offers up some of the most impressive feats of athleticism in all of sports. That might mean racing at great speeds or jumping to great heights or brushing the ice with a broom to slightly alter the path of a sliding stone. It’s inspiring (and perhaps confusing) to watch.

And the gear is really cool.

Tailgate Fan can’t make you an Olympic athlete. But we can show you some of the gear they use… or should use, at least. That’s our gold-medal event. If only we had our own national anthem…

Autographer Wearable Camera

Photo Credit: Autographer

Autographer Wearable Camera ($449.00)

Olympic skaters are graceful, executing difficult moves with beauty and precision. The rest of us aren’t quite that good (yet). Regardless of your skill level, taking the time to snap pictures on the ice is a good way to fall on your butt. Clip this wearable camera on and let it take over. The Autographer uses Bluetooth, a custom 136-degree eye view lens, GPS and five sensors to decide when to automatically snap pictures. Stream them directly or transfer them to a computer later on.

Buy the Autographer Wearable Camera.

Big Blue Party Speaker

Photo Credit: Brookstone

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker ($299.99)

Getting together to play ice hockey or even just gathering around the grill means being out in the open where hearing music can be a challenge. That is, unless you’ve brought this portable Bluetooth speaker for working the tunes. Omnidirectional stereo sound comes from four full-range speakers, with big bass out of the subwoofer and passive radiator. And that 72 watts makes for a lot of volume, no matter where you place it down. It’s also water resistant and Bluetooth compatible.

Buy the Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker.

Wireless Helmet Audio System

Photo Credit: Outdoor Technology

Chips Universal Wireless Helmet Audio System ($129.95)

Skiing down a slope doesn’t tax the ears, so why not have some tunes delivered wirelessly? The stereo drivers connect through Bluetooth and have a rugged, minimal design with a built-in microphone and two-button control. Fully rechargeable, there’s up to 10 hours of play and 280 hours of standby. And not only are these speakers IPX-4 certified sweat and water resistant, but they can also handle the cold down to -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F).

Buy the Chips Universal Wireless Helmet Audio System.

Liquid Image Goggle Video Camera

Photo Credit: Liquid Image

Liquid Image Apex Series Snow Goggle Video Camera ($299.99)

Snowboard feats require skill and concentration. So how do you capture a first-person video since there’s no time to hold a camera or work controls? Wear these goggles, since they see what you see and record 1080p HD video right into a micro-SD card. The adjustable wide-angle lens can also activate continuous 12MP photos shooting. The goggles feature interchangeable lenses and can also display what has been recorded directly to a TV.

Buy the Snow Goggle Video Camera.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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