<a href="/tag/marshal-m-rosenthal/">By Marshal M. Rosenthal

Making a tailgate party special isn’t just about the food or drink — it’s also about finding ways to keep people engaged and excited about being there. Cool gear can help with that.

And these days, there’s no shortage of cool gear out there. But what can work at your tailgate? Tailgate Fan has some of the latest and the greatest.

Boomphones Phantom Headphones

Photo Credit: Boomphones

Boomphones Phantom Headphones with Boombox ($149.99)

Play DJ without having to carry around a portable speaker. This unique over-the-ear headphones lets you listen in private when you want to tune others out or for checking your playlist before making it public. Then you push the button to transfer the sound from your ears to the outside speakers mounted on the ear cups. And just to keep the attention focused on you, the USB rechargeable power supply makes the ear cups glow different colors, depending on whether the sound is coming from inside or out: pulsing white or blue.

Buy the Boomphones Phantom Headphones.

The ISH Timepiece Men’s Watch

Photo Credit: Brookstone

The ISH Timepiece Men’s Watch ($149.99)

If all this handsome watch did was to tell the time, that would be fine. But there’s more. The frosted crystal lens dial hides all the numerals except for 5 o’clock, so it’s always “Happy Hour.” Plus this watch lets you carry with you at all times a most important tailgating tool: the watch band’s buckle comes equipped with a built-in bottle opener. And, as if that weren’t enough, it’s water resistant, protecting it from the inevitable spillage.

Buy the ISH Timepiece Men’s Watch.

Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Mini-Speaker

Photo Credit: Matrix Audio

Matrix Audio Qube2 Bluetooth Mini-Speaker ($79.99)

There never seems to be a portable speaker when you need one. But with this three-inch rechargeable in your pocket or on your key chain, that all changes. Being tiny isn’t its only trick: it has a Bluetooth connection to remove any need for wires. Just pair it with your cell phone and then playlist away, wherever you are. Did we mention it’s stereo? Yep, there are two three-watt independent speakers working inside.

Buy the Matrix Qube2 Mini-Speaker.

Lumen Bulb

Photo Credit: Versifli

Lumen LED App-Enabled Smart Bulb ($69.99)

Light bulbs are generally pretty boring. But not when it’s Bluetooth-enabled and customizable with over 16 million color options. Plug it into a socket and watch it turn itself on when your smartphone comes into range. Or flash when the phone rings or pulse in multiple colors in time to music from a playlist. Built-in modes allow it to mimic the sunrise (gradually getting brighter at the stipulated wake-up time), create a warm glow (for a romantic date or quiet evening) or simulate moonlight (for a calming ambiance). And not only does it use five times less power than a typical incandescent bulb, it’ll last 30 times longer.

Buy the Lumen LED App-Enabled Smart Bulb.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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