<a href="/tag/marshal-m-rosenthal/">By Marshal M. Rosenthal

So you’re having the gang over for the big game You’re about to discover that hosting the biggest football party of the year isn’t so hot. How can you have any fun if you’re constantly worrying about keeping everyone served? How can you actually watch the game?

That’s where gear comes in. Tailgate Fan can help take over the boring, thankless work so you can kick back and have a good time too. Here’s some of the stuff you’ll need.

Wyndham House Backpack Beverage Dispenser

Photo Credit: Wyndham

Wyndham House Backpack Beverage Dispenser ($25.73)

If serving the drinks makes you a good host, then serving them at a moment’s notice from a backpack makes you a GREAT host. Maybe the best ever. No more making guests wait for that next beer, or forcing them to serve themselves. Fill the tube with the brew of your choice, and slip into the padded shoulder straps. Then you can officially work the crowd.

Buy the Backpack Beverage Dispenser.

3-Gallon Beer Tower

Photo Credit: Barproducts.com, Inc.

Three-Gallon Beer Tower ($31.45)

Okay, maybe walking around serving beer from your back isn’t logistically feasible. But self serve isn’t any good either if the beer runs out quickly. That’s why you get three-gallon beer tower chilled by an internal tube filled with ice. And since the dispenser is clear plastic, you’ll know exactly how much brew is left after every pull of the tap.

Buy the 3-Gallon Beer Tower.

Cuisinairre Hot Shot Hot Dog Grill Machine

Photo Credit: Cuisinairre

Cuisinairre Hot Shot Hot Dog Grill Machine ($319.80)

Place up to 24 hot dogs on the grill, and watch them automatically roll their way to cooked perfection. Twin temperature controls enable 12 dogs to be cooked while another 12 stay warm and ready. The curved tempered glass blocks the splatters. Set the rolls and condiments nearby, and you’re done. Watch the game without worrying whether there’s enough eats. And clean up after the party is quick and easy.

Buy the Hot Shot Hot Dog Machine.

Grill Daddy King Tong Pro

Photo Credit: King Tong

Grill Daddy King Tong Pro ($34.99)

Grabbing that rack of ribs or tossing another log on the fireplace — trying to do either in a hurry so you can get back to the party can result in disaster. So use this 30” long set of massive jaws as an extra hand. Balanced and spring-loaded, these power tongs have an integrated heat shield and rotating handle to make lifting pretty much anything you can eat or burn a simple task.

Buy the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

Find more cool gear for your next tailgate.

Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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