Tailgates don’t just plan themselves. There’s gear to bring, people to invite, food and drinks to serve and a whole bunch of other details to consider. It’s so much that something inevitably gets lost in the shuffle.

In a parking lot full of vehicles and revelers, any one tailgate won’t stand out. So don’t forget to mark your territory, because if people can’t find you, they won’t show up. Tailgate Fan knows how to do it.

Tailgate telescoping flagpole

Photo Credit: BSI Products

Tailgate Telescoping Flagpole ($138.37)

So how do you make sure your friends find you? Fly a flag on a flagpole, be it your team’s or your tailgate’s. This telescoping flagpole is 16 feet high and spins with the wind, so up to two flags will keep flapping without tangling. A folding base goes underneath a car or truck tire to keep it in place.

Buy the Tailgate Telescoping Flagpole.

Bose ATV20 speaker

Photo Credit: Bose

Bose Audio ATV20 Off-Road/Marine Sound System ($255.00)

Need a sound system that can take a beating? Well, you’ve found it. The Bose Audio ATV20 is designed to be used while boating and off-roading. All the major parts are weatherproofed, coated with a special sealant to withstand corrosion. Power the system through a standard cigarette lighter, and connect any device with an auxiliary jack. The 450 watt stereo amplifier takes over, pushing out sound from two bass/mid drivers and a pair of top firing soft-dome tweeters.

Buy the Bose Off-Road/Marine Sound System.

Big Mouth Toys Red Cup Party Lights

Photo Credit: Big Mouth Toys

Big Mouth Toys Red Cup Party Lights ($25.64)

Red cups at tailgates… that’s nothing new. But they’re generally filled with (or about to be filled with) beer. Not these. String up the Red Cup Party Lights to show everyone where the party is. Each pack comes with two 12-foot strings. Don’t worry about an outlet; they’re battery operated. Set them to blink, and watch the crowds converge on your tailgate.

Buy the Red Cup Party Lights.

Netshair Link Wi-Fi Router

Photo Credit: IOGear

IOGEAR Netshair Link Portable Wi-Fi Router and USB Media Hub ($79.95)

There has to be music. So plug this portable Wi-Fi system into an outlet, add a flash drive and let it stream stored music to people’s phones and tablets and portable speakers wirelessly. Or connect it to a home network (or cellular modem) and it becomes a Wi-Fi network for streaming Internet and media to everyone at the party, whether they’re inside or out back.

Buy the IOGEAR Netshair Link Portable Wi-Fi Router.

Happy tailgating!

Get all of your team gear for the game by clicking here.

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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