There’s gear and then there’s gear. And then there’s tailgating gear that you just can’t possibly live without. Tailgate Fan has been highlighting the best tailgating gear all hear long. And we don’t intend to stop now.

With the regular season wrapping up and the playoffs kicking off, it’s time to show off the best of the best. What’s the coolest tailgating stuff we’ve seen in 2013? What can no tailgater possibly live without? These five get the nod:


Photo Credit: BrewTender

BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser ($59.95)

Don’t make your guests go to the bar; they might miss a touchdown, turnover or some other game-changing play. Instead put this handy beverage dispenser someplace central and accessible, and bring a little bit of the sports bar to your tailgate. Better yet, get two or three to position around the room, making sure everyone is within a few steps of a tasty beverage. The BrewTender rotates for easy self-service and lights up for minimal mishaps. (As you know, spilling alcohol is a serious tailgating foul.) This thing holds up to 80 ounces of your favorite beverage, with an ice-filled inner acrylic chamber to keep it cold without diluting it. With easy access to alcohol, everyone will enjoy the game a little more.

Buy the BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser.

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Buccaneer Tailgating Cooler

Photo Credit: Picnic Time

Picnic Time Buccaneer Tailgating Cooler with Grill ($167.00)

Have your friends get the food and beverages; you’ve got the transport covered. This tote bag features an insulated cooler to keep cans chilled. Removing the cooler gives you access to the grill, so let them bring the charcoal too. One of those three exterior pockets holds grilling utensils. The spatula even has a bottle opener integrated into its design. One tailgate, coming up.

Buy the Picnic Time Buccaneer Tailgating Cooler.

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iDevices iGrill Grilling-Cooking BBQ Thermometer

Photo Credit: iDevices

iDevices iGrill Grilling/Cooking BBQ Thermometer ($79.99)

Every host forgets something. And a thermometer, to help determine when the meat is done, ranks high on the list of things that get left at home. Do your host a huge favor and bring this Bluetooth-powered electronic thermometer to the tailgate. It has dual probes to gauge two different pieces of meat. And the accompanying iPhone and iPad app lets him keep an eye on the grill from the other side of the party.

Buy the iDevices iGrill BBQ Thermometer.

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Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Photo Credit: Sport-Brella

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair ($59.99)

Ever wonder why your feet and lower back hurt? Maybe it’s because you’ve been standing on that hard asphalt for the past three hours. So sit down and stay awhile (longer). This 3-position recliner is perfect when there’s no chair to be found. The swiveling attached umbrella protects you from the sun, and the insulated pocket holds four drinks in cool comfort. Heck, there’s even a cup holder and bottle opener. You’ll never have to get up again.

Buy the Sport-Brella Recliner Chair.

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Sony Portable Party System

Photo Credit: Sony

Sony Portable Party System ($348.00)

This portable party system jams dual woofers and tweeters into a single enclosure. That’s 420 watts contained in let loose from this tidy compartment, even if you place it outside. This thing can power pretty much any event. Use the cradle to connect an iPhone, Android or other mobile device through USB, and expect the music to be way loud and crystal clear. You can even see it in the dark; 14 different LED/strobe lighting effects match the intensity of the music.

Buy the Sony Portable Party System.

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Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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