A tailgate party should to be loud — really, really LOUD! We mean loud enough to overpower everything, from people talking a few spaces down to to cars revving their engines. How else will everyone get psyched for the game?

Okay maybe every tailgate isn’t a raucous affair. But you’ll want the option should the festivities turn in that direction. That requires a high-end audio system to blast out the tunes. This being a parking lot, any system must be portable. And, of course, it has to look good.

That certainly narrows the options. Lucky for you, we Tailgate Fan types know a little something about stereos, that is, besides how to play music on them. We’ve narrowed down the options so you don’t have to. Consider it an early Christmas present.

Samsung Mini HIFi

Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung Mini Hi-Fi Component Audio System ($1,499.99)

These speakers put out 2,560 watts of oomph. That’s crisp enough highs to split your eardrums with enough bass to rattle everyone’s teeth. Let someone Bluetooth over their playlist, and then stand back… way, way back. Nobody can possibly ignore what’s going on, especially once the built-in LED lights have started pulsing to the beat. This system is insanely loud, just like you like it.

Buy the Samsung Mini Hi-Fi Component Audio System.

Peavy Escort Speaker System

Photo Credit: Peavy

Peavy Escort Two-Way Speaker System ($999.99)

Portable doesn’t mean puny, even if it can all be packed up in a handy traveling case, because 300 watts can get awfully loud awfully fast. This all-in-one portable PA system is easy to use and sounds great. Plug in a mobile device and hit the playlist, or access the song list on a thumb drive. Expect a lot of wall shaking, even if you’re outside. The built-in equalizer can help fine tune the sounds and allows for a plug-in mic. Though if karaoke is on the menu, there’ only so much it can do to make some people sound good.

Buy the Peavy Escort Two-Way Speaker System.

Sony Portable Party System

Photo Credit: Sony

Sony Portable Party System ($349.99)

This portable party system jams dual woofers and tweeters into a single enclosure. That’s 420 watts contained in let loose from this tidy compartment, even if you place it outside. This thing can power pretty much any event. Use the cradle to connect an iPhone, Android or other mobile device through USB, and expect the music to be way loud and crystal clear. You can even see it in the dark; 14 different LED/strobe lighting effects match the intensity of the music.

Buy the Sony Portable Party System.

Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array

Photo Credit: Anchor Audio

Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array ($2,052.00)

A big party requires big sound. Really big sound. So roll up with Audio Anchor Beacon Line Array (even the name sounds impressive) in its case, unfold the 6-foot-tall 11-speaker array (eight 4” speakers, three 8” subs) and start blasting. Use the built-in mp3 player or connect your own. The battery will last you at least six hours, if you can stand it. If it’s powerful enough to reach crowds of 2,000+ (which it is), it’s going to be loud enough to power your party, and then some. Bring earplugs if you plan to stand close by.

Buy the Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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