Everybody wants a tailgate party to be at least a little bigger than the last one. Bigger (not to mention more) is generally better in our world. Cyber Monday, like tailgating, is all about going so “over the top” that everyone gets what they want. And we at Tailgate Fan wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t give you want you want.

So for Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, Tailgate Fan is going big. Here are some gifts for that tailgater on your shopping list, so he or she can blow out their next tailgate.

Lighted Beer Tower

Photo Credit: Barproducts.com, Inc.

Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube ($44.95)

Because it’s better to receive than to give — let the party goers serve themselves. They can get their own beer whenever they want it. Over three liters of beer can flow through the beer tower and out the bar-style pull-down handle. The ice tube keeps everything chilled, because no one wants warm beer to ruin a cool tailgate. To make sure nobody forgets it’s there (as if anyone could ever possibly forget about the beer), multicolored lights play through the tube with the flip of a switch. You don’t even have to plug it in, since it’s powered by a battery. Made of durable plastic, the beer tower won’t break if accidentally tipped over.

Buy the Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube.

FAVI Entertainment LED-3 Mini Projector

Photo Credit: FAVI Entertainment

FAVI Entertainment LED-3 Mini Projector ($219.95)

You want a big picture? Are you the big-picture type? This little projector will do the trick. Weighing in around three pounds and under a foot wide (e.g. really portable), this thing can blow up the picture to an eye-filling 150 inches. That’s over 12 feet! And it comes with built-in speakers. Plug it in for a movie theater-sized view in just a few seconds. Now you can go big, really big!

Buy the FAVI Entertainment LED-3 Mini Projector.

Gemmy Airblown 39121X Movie Screen

Photo Credit: Gemmy

Gemmy Airblown Movie Screen ($257.99)

You and a bud can set up this lightweight, but rigid 12-foot screen in minutes. Then plug in the power and watch it self-inflate as built-in blowers take over. If this doesn’t empty the house to get everyone outside, nothing will. Disassembles just as fast and stores away in its own bag for the next “premiere” too.

Buy the Gemmy Airblown Movie Screen.

IOGEAR Wireless HD Matrix

Photo Credit: IOGEAR

IOGEAR Wireless HD Matrix ($399.95)

Want to have the game on two TVs at the same time — then set up this transmitter so that it can beam a high-definition 1080p picture from a TV broadcast or video game console to its receiver anywhere in the house or backyard. That means another TV can see the same picture that the other one is playing (or a different one if you prefer), and yes that includes surround sound (and even 3D). But why stop at a TV when you can connect it to a projector and go for a REALLY big picture? Either way the remote works regardless of where you’re watching.

Buy the IOGEAR Wireless HD Matrix.

Happy tailgating!

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Marshal M. Rosenthal is a technology, gadget and lifestyle writer based on the West Coast.


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