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We all know how important a great playlist is to a sporting event. Boom boxes, car stereos cranked to the max and even iPods with portable speakers make it easy – necessary, even – for tailgate fans to have their favorite “get amped” songs close at hand. From old-school fight songs to adrenaline-pumping hard rock, the right music selection can do amazing things for a fan’s morale. It seems like tailgate fans have this all figured out… but things don’t have to be bad to be better, right? Enter the JammyPack.

Being neither the most sports- nor technology-savvy gal out there, I didn’t even have the JammyPack on my radar. My sister, however, lives in Colorado and spends approximately 99% of her free time skiing, hanging at outdoor events and drinking awesome craft beer. She has a her finger on the pulse of all things, um, cool. So when, in casual conversation, she mentioned how her friends had found a hands- and hassle-free way to rock out, I decided to investigate.

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JammyPack - Keep A Breast Foundation

Photo Credit: JammyPack

The folks at JammyPack were kind enough to send me one to try out anywhere else that might need music. The delivery of my very own JammyPack felt a little like Christmas morning. I ripped open the package to discover not a green and gold or black and yellow pack, but one decked out in hearts in support of breast cancer research. The words “I ❤ boobies!” were printed across the back (in support of the Keep A Breast Foundation). It was exactly what I didn’t know I needed, so big shout-out to the folks at JammyPack for such an awesome choice.

I took it for a few test drives, once on a run around my neighborhood, and then on a walk to the farmers’ market. Let’s just say that after 30 minutes of a mobile playlist, I was pumped to buy my kale and celery. There’s something so much more exciting about music played out loud than tunes confined to earphones.

JammyPack_with flag design

Photo Credit: JammyPack

In terms of functionality, things don’t get much better than the JammyPack; it’s a fanny pack with built-in speakers, an mp3 player jack and room for other stuff. I managed to stash my smart phone, keys, a mini bottle of water, an apple and a spare tube of lipstick. As I approached mile four on my run, I began to think about how great it could be at a game. I pictured it packed with the cell phone and keys again, but substituted my snacks and makeup for a small flask, a few stale-but-totally-edible Cheetos and a bottle opener. The JammyPack has plenty of space for all of the tailgate essentials; this was definitely looking like a tailgate must-have.

Spurred on by a surge of excitement, I immediately ran home and shot off an email to my sister’s friend who owned one himself. I asked why he decided to purchase his, and how he used it.

“…When I saw something I could use to share [music] with everyone, everywhere I went, I jumped on it. I’ve used it for just about everything, including tailgates.”

So far, so good. How does the music element work out for him?

“I’ve slowly added to the playlist as I think of new songs, but most are typically upbeat, sing-a-long-type jams.” Bingo, again. I just had one more question: how do his friends regard what is, essentially, a glorified fanny pack?

JammyPack Red

Photo Credit: JammyPack

“95% of people love the JammyPack, regardless of where I’m playing it. I’ve started many a dance party around town, in the park, on the trail or down the mountain. Every once in awhile you’ll get a shunning look, usually from someone elderly, showing their disapproval of you ruining their peaceful day by playing the latest Macklemore song; but those people seem to be few and far between.” I was totally sold. This had to be the greatest invention for tailgaters since, well, the portable grill.

Will I personally use the JammyPack at a game or tailgate party anytime soon? As I live in New York City and my tailgate spot is a corner bar, probably not. But I’d be sorely remiss if I didn’t recommend seriously looking into the Jammy Pack to anyone who frequents the outdoor tailgate party. Don’t let friends’ initial scoffs deter you; their fanny pack superiority will quickly fade when they realize that not only do you control the tunes, you also have room for a cold one to go.

As for me? I’ll continue to wear mine on runs around my neighborhood. I’m not a big fan of headphones, so the speakers get my adrenaline going. I’ve received a few looks from strangers on the street, but there’s no way they could be complaining about my Foo Fighters-Pearl Jam-One Direction playlist. No, they’re totally just jealous of my sweet pack.

Buy a JammyPack.

Get your gear for football season.

Rochelle Bilow is a food and wine writer who cooks with lard. To read more of her meandering thoughts on eating and drinking, visit her website at rochellebilow.com or follow her on Twitter @RochelleBilow.


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