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Thanksgiving is a holiday for eating. And eating, maybe followed by some football, and more eating. The mere mention of Turkey Day can cause some people’s guts to expand and belts to tighten. Well, the holiday is almost here, ushering in what is essentially a month-long food challenge.

Is your head is already swimming in images of heaping plates filled with Thanksgiving delights? Well get ready for even more. In the spirit of excess that helps define the holiday, here are some of its most notable eating records.

We Want MEAT!

Tyson the turkey won the title of heaviest turkey, a record held for almost 14 years now, He weighed in at a whopping 86 pounds at the London Heaviest Turkey Competition on December 12, 1989. A turkey that size could feed a lot of people, assuming we could find an oven big enough to cook it.

Carving it wouldn’t be a problem if we invite Paul Kelly to your Thanksgiving dinner. He holds the world record for fastest time to carving a turkey. He set that record – 3 minutes, 19.47 seconds – back in June 2009.

Some people prefer ham to turkey on Thanksgiving, believe it or not. If turkey isn’t your thing, the world’s largest cooked ham might satisfy your carnivorous tastes. Weighing in at 182.87 pounds, the largest cooked ham brook the record on September 18, 2010 in Vicenza, Italy, perhaps setting the table for a very large pig-out.

mashed potatoes

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

On The Side

Of course, you need some good ol’ fashion carbs and vegetables to go with all that meat you’ll be consuming on Thanksgiving. The largest serving of mashed potatoes was made on September 29, 2012 in Poitiers, France and weighed in at 2,297 pounds. (We can’t confirm if this was accompanied by the world’s largest gravy boat.) The heaviest potato tipped the scales at eight pounds, four ounces of delicious goodness.

If sweet potato casserole is more to your liking, think about how much of it you could make with the largest sweet potato – 81 pounds, nine ounces. Warning: You will need a whole lot of marshmallows.

Corn, another delicious Thanksgiving staple, has a whole slew impressive records. Back in 1946, in Iowa corn country, the tallest stalk of corn ever grew to over 31 feet. Another corn plant in Iowa yielded 16 ears, the most cobs on a single plant.

Close-up of a Pumpkin Pie

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Dessert, Please

What’s Thanksgiving without pie? A little less festive, if you ask us. In 2005, you could satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of the world’s largest pumpkin pie, weighing in at 2,020 pounds and measuring 12 feet, one inch long. Just imagine how big of a pie you could make with the world’s heaviest pumpkin, which secured that prestigious title on September 28, 2012 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The gargantuan gourd grew to be over a ton (2,009 pounds, to be precise). Still hungry? Well, the biggest pecan pie on record came in at 35,500 pounds and 40.1 inches across. Hope you have a big enough fork (and stomach, for that matter).

There you have it – more Thanksgiving food than you could ever imagine eating, regardless of how much you love turkey, pecan pie or any of your favorite holiday dishes. Don’t forget to wear pants with an elastic waist this Turkey Day!

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Alli Sands is a freelance writer. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.


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